Jun 112014

Cover for Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman. A dark red cover with "The Split Words" in smaller gray words atop, and "Between Two Thorns" in fancy big white text in the center. Below is an aqueduct with a gate, illustrated in black ink. Black ink filigree climbs either side of the cover, with flowers, bottles, eyes?, gargoyles???Cover for The Glass Republic by Tom Pollock. A black cover, with the title in large fancy silver letters in the center, and a silver London skyline running along the bottom edge.Congratulations to the DMLA authors nominated by the British Fantasy Society’s awards for 2014!





Best Fantasy Novel

  • BETWEEN TWO THORNS, Emma Newman (Angry Robot)
  • THE GLASS REPUBLIC, Tom Pollock (Jo Fletcher Books)

Best Newcomer:

  • Emma Newman, for BETWEEN TWO THORNS