May 172024

Library Journal: The old gods are dead, and the new ones are horrific. Karys Eska is bound to a new god, and the price for her ability to speak to the dead is, on an unspecified day, to be snatched away to a realm of terrors. When she attempts to rescue a dying stranger from uncanny creatures, she accidentally merges Ferain with her shadow. If Eska learns how to free him, he’ll make her wealthy. But they soon discover that the creature attack didn’t happen by chance, and forces will pursue them across nations to ensure their deaths. Along the way, both learn that they can’t outrun their pasts, but maybe some parts are worth holding on to. Hall (Second Spear) weaves a fascinating tapestry of mythology and divine politics that she underscores with deep, complicated relationships. Nearly every character struggles with trust, unequal power dynamics, and the expectations of class and nation, despite also having an intense desire for connection. The novel’s charming interludes between deadly situations are few but powerful.

VERDICT This compelling mix of horror, found family, and intricate mythology will appeal to those who loved Winter Tide by Ruthanna Emrys and The City We Became by N.K. Jemisin.
May 142024

New York Times Book Review: Where “The Space Between Worlds” was a structured book, unfolding its plot the way a scene would on a painted fan, “Those Beyond the Wall” is more tightly focused on character and voice, revolutionary ethics and practice. It’s about apartheid as a violent premise that requires violent resistance, not as a parade of suffering to be solved with pity and charity by those who profit from it. It’s a book that forces its characters and its readers to reckon with two questions: What side of the wall are you on, and what side of the wall do you want to be on?

May 132024

The 2024 Locus Awards finalists have been announced and we’re excited to see so many DMLA authors on this list!

  • System Collapse, Martha Wells (Tordotcom)
  • Witch King, Martha Wells (Tordotcom)
  • The Reformatory, Tananarive Due (Saga; Titan UK)
  • The Saint of Bright Doors, Vajra Chandrasekera (Tordotcom)
  • The Salt Grows Heavy, Cassandra Khaw (Nightfire; Titan UK)
  • “At Every Door a Ghost”, Premee Mohamed (Communications Breakdown)
  • “Suppertime”, Tananarive Due (New Suns 2)
  • “Those Hitchhiking Kids“, Darcie Little Badger (The Sunday Morning Transport 4/2/23)
  • The Year’s Best African Speculative Fiction (2022), Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki & Eugen Bacon & Milton Davis, eds. (Caezic)
  • The Wishing Pool and Other Stories, Tananarive Due (Akashic)
  • No One Will Come Back For Us, Premee Mohamed (Undertow)
  • Skin Thief, Suzan Palumbo (Neon Hemlock)
  • 101 Horror Books to Read Before You’re Murdered, Sadie Hartmann (Page Street Publishing)
May 102024

Congratulations to DMLA author, Jim Butcher, and his series The Dresden Files for being featured in Forbes as one of the best series of all time!

FORBES: 17. The Dresden Files By Jim Butcher

Spanning an impressive 17 books (and counting) and written over the course of more than two decades, Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files is a spellbinding narrative collection with elements of noir mystery, supernatural intrigue and pulse-pounding action. The New York Times bestselling series has attracted readers because of its layered approach to the art of storytelling. At the heart of the series is Harry Dresden, a wizard and private investigator who operates in the shadows of modern-day Chicago. Butcher’s vivid prose comes alive through Dresden, who gives readers a vicarious insight into life in the windy metropolis, while navigating the gritty streets of the city and facing off vengeful vampires and malevolent creatures.

May 082024

Shelf Awareness: The gritty, luminous Sheine Lende, a prequel to Darcie Little Badger’s acclaimed first novel, Elatsoe, features stouthearted Shane (grandmother to Elatsoe’s Ellie) who uses the family’s ability to raise ghosts to find three people, one of whom is her own mother.

The women in 17-year-old Shane Solé’s Lipan Apache family line know how to reach deep into “the world Below” to “raise the ghosts of animals.” Shane and her mother, Lorenza, are known for their tracking abilities; they and their two living bloodhounds, along with a single shimmering ghost dog, are often called upon to find missing people. Although Shane knows her small family would benefit from being paid for these services–just a few short years ago, they lost their home, father, and grandparents in quick succession–Lorenza “never charge[s] people money for rescue jobs.” When 16-year-old Donnie and 10-year-old Bobby go missing, Lorenza is called to help. Then Lorenza herself disappears. Shane, her younger brother, Marcos, and her grandpa Louis rush to help locate the three missing people.
Little Badger’s beguiling novel includes stories within stories that enrich the main narrative, telling tales whose monumental purposes are “to be shared and remembered.” She entices readers by creating a world where monsters and “powerful magics” exist alongside actual history. Rovina Cai once again gracefully illustrates Little Badger’s work with delicate line drawings that act as chapter headings. Intergenerational relationships form the basis of this wonderful novel, as does Shane’s sense that her family–and their ghost animals–are looking out for her. Here’s hoping readers will receive more sequels, prequels, or spin-offs that take place in this fresh, compelling world.
May 062024

Booklist: Two years ago: after her father was caught cheating, Olivia Owens was forced to move out of the mansion she’d grown up in. Five hours ago: she dressed to the nines to attend her famous father’s third wedding—and rob him of all the money his prenup kept from her ailing mother. Her revenge will hit him hard, if she and her team of misfits, including an old teacher and a dramatic new flame, can get in and out of the huge wedding event with his account passwords. Unpredictable guests and her (also cheating) ex-boyfriend get in the way of Olivia’s careful planning, but she and her coconspirators are determined to make her dad pay—with his millions and with his reputation. Wibberley and Siegemund-Broka, well known for cocreating mainstream romance novels, take an unexpected turn with this heist novel, but it’s a welcome one. There is romance here but also a solid underlying plot and a thrilling heist. Recommended for all libraries.

May 032024

The 2024 Aurora Award Nominations are in and we’re excited to see so many DMLA authors on this fantastic list of nominees!

Best Novel:

  • The Valkyrie, Kate Heartfield, HarperVoyager

Best Novelette/Novella:

  • “The Most Strongest Obeah Woman of the World”, Nalo Hopkinson, Out There Screaming: An Anthology of New Black Horror, Random House

Best Short Story:

  • “At Every Door A Ghost”, Premee Mohamed, Communications Breakdown, MIT Press

Best Related Work:

  • No One Will Come Back for Us and Other Stories, Premee Mohamed, Undertow Publications
  • Skin Thief: Stories, Suzan Palumbo, Neon Hemlock Press
May 022024

Library Journal: Leveret and Annelid star in a television show with a bloody finale; Vidyucchika is stalked by the corpse of the boy she betrayed; Viramunda hunts down her betrayer on a sun-scorched Earth. This novel is a sweeping slipstream epic that follows two intertwined personalities as they recur in new guises through time, moving from the mythic past to modern Sri Lanka to a far-future Earth abandoned by humanity. One of them always dies, but is there an escape from the cycle—and should they take it if there is? Chandrasekera challenges readers but rewards them with a breathtaking narrative that invokes sci-fi, fantasy, and myth to express the endless struggle of revolution. As they recur throughout worlds and time lines that draw inspiration from South Asian culture and religion, the duo at the story’s heart are reshaped by their experiences until they reach a conclusion that guarantees the fight will go on.

VERDICT In Chandrasekera’s (The Saint of Bright Doors) newest, the characters’ journey through fantastical worlds across millennia is reminiscent of This Is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone. Recommended for fans of ambitious speculative fiction that tackles systems of oppression in fresh ways.

Apr 302024

Czech rights to LJ Andrews’s THE EVER KING, to Albatros Media, by Milena Kaplarevic at Prava I Prevodi, on behalf of Katie Shea Boutillier.

French rights to Nebula Award winner Premee Mohamed’s NO ONE WILL COME BACK FOR US and WE SPEAK THROUGH THE MOUNTAIN, to L’Atalante, by Sarah Dray at Anna Jarota Agency in association with Michael Curry.

Hebrew rights to New York Times bestselling author Anne Bishop’s VISION IN SILVER, MARKED IN FLESH, and ETCHED IN BONE, books 3-5 in the Others series, to Alma Books, by Beverley Levit at The Israeli Association Of Book Publishers Ltd in association with Michael Curry for Jennifer Jackson.

Italian rights to Annika Martin’s THE GRUMPY BILLIONAIRE to Triskell, by Stefania Fietta at Donzelli Fietta, on behalf of Katie Shea Boutillier for Cameron McClure.

Polish rights to Robert Jackson Bennett’s THE FOUNDERS TRILOGY, by Milena Kaplarevic at Prava I Prevodi, in a three-book deal, on behalf of Katie Shea Boutillier for Cameron McClure.

Polish rights to Hugo Award finalist Vajra Chandrasekera’s THE SAINT OF BRIGHT DOORS and RAKESFALL, to Czarna Owca, by Milena Kaplarević at Prava i prevodi in association with Michael Curry.

Ukrainian rights to Nebula Award winner Premee Mohamed’s THE BUTCHER OF THE FOREST and BENEATH THE RISING, to Zhorzh, by Milena Kaplarević at Prava i prevodi in association with Michael Curry.