Feb 152018

Cover of Missing at 17 by Christine Conradt.Booklist:…Peppered with plot twists that will keep readers on their toes.

Conradt succeeds at creating well-rounded main characters that complement one another, filling their stories with drama reminiscent of quick-moving made-for-TV movies. Romance fans will gobble up Candace and Toby’s story, rooting for them to be together despite the odds stacked against them.

A thrilling romance sure to entertain.

Feb 142018

Cover of Neogenesis by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.Publishers Weekly: This enjoyable latest installment of the long-running Liaden space adventure saga, featuring the ever-resourceful Clan Korval and their eclectic allies, picks up on the simultaneous and parallel story lines of ALLIANCE OF EQUALS (2016) and THE GATHERING EDGE (2017)…

As always, this intelligent space opera focuses on matters of manners, honor, duty, and clever repartee; violence is rarely the solution, and subtlety wins out over overt force. For returning fans, it provides thoroughly satisfying progression or resolution for multiple threads and will feel comfortably familiar for fans of Korval’s escapades.

Feb 132018

Author photo of Georgina Kamsika.Georgina Kamsika’s GODDESS OF THE NORTH, an #OwnVoices contemporary fantasy about a bright young police detective who is secretly the Hindu goddess Saraswathi, who must solve a murder with repercussions in both the human world and the world of the gods, to Ashley Rugirello at Reuts by Jennie Goloboy.

Feb 092018

Congratulations to all the DMLA authors who made the 2017 Locus Recommended Reading list!


Raven Stratagem, Yoon Ha Lee (Solaris US; Solaris UK)
Seven Surrenders, Ada Palmer (Tor; Head of Zeus)


The Stone in the Skull, Elizabeth Bear (Tor)
City of Miracles, Robert Jackson Bennett (Broadway; Jo Fletcher)
Creatures of Will and Temper, Molly Tanzer (John Joseph Adams)


Food of the Gods, Cassandra Khaw (Abaddon US; Abaddon UK)


Akata Warrior, Nnedi Okorafor (Viking)


The Prey of Gods, Nicky Drayden (Harper Voyager US)
Winter Tide, Ruthanna Emrys (Tor.com Publishing)


A Song for Quiet, Cassandra Khaw (Tor.com Publishing)
Binti: Home, Nnedi Okorafor (Tor.com Publishing)
All Systems Red, Martha Wells, (Tor.com Publishing)


The Worshipful Society of Glovers“, Mary Robinette Kowal (Uncanny 7-8/17)
The Chameleon’s Gloves“, Yoon Ha Lee (Cosmic Powers)
Extracurricular Activities“, Yoon Ha Lee (Tor.com 2/15/17)
Sweetlings“, Lucy Taylor (Tor.com 5/3/17)


An Unexpected Boon“, S.B. Divya (Apex 11/17)
These Deathless Bones“, Cassandra Khaw (Tor.com 7/26/17)
The Whalebone Parrot“, Darcie Little Badger (The Dark 10/17)
Nine-Tenths of the Law“, Molly Tanzer (Lightspeed 1/17)

Feb 082018

Cover of Dread Nation by Justina Ireland.Kirkus: Ireland takes the [zombie] genre up a notch with her deft exploration of racial oppression in this alternative Reconstruction-Era America.

With a shrewd, scythe-wielding protagonist of color, Dread Nation is an exciting must-read.

Feb 072018

DMLA congratulates Lucy Taylor! Taylor’s Sweetlings is a finalist for the 2017 Bram Stoker Award!

Superior Achievement in Long Fiction:
Lucy Taylor – Sweetlings (Tor.com)

Feb 022018

Cover of Lake Silence by Anne Bishop.Publishers Weekly: The sixth installment of Bishop’s paranormal series (after 2017’s Etched in Bone), set in an alternate upstate New York, constitutes a fresh take on a series concept…It is a standalone thriller, set near a village called Sproing in the Finger Lakes.

New to the cast is narrator Vicki DeVine, who, unlike past protagonists, is an ordinary human woman. Recently divorced from an abusive wheeler-dealer, she has come to Lake Silence to renovate the property that constituted her settlement. The Jumble is exactly that: a dilapidated sprawl of buildings, abandoned by humans but not by the world’s supernatural predators, the Others. Vicki plans to reopen it as a modest resort until a body is discovered on her land.

Abruptly, this unassuming, hesitant woman must cope with a police investigation as well as a conspiracy by developers to seize the Jumble. Many core elements of prior plots are intact, notably the Others’ inevitable dominance…but the pleasures of these books have always lain in worldbuilding and character growth. Centering these on a woman liberating herself (personally and professionally) from abuse makes this episode unexpectedly timely.

Feb 012018

Cover of Dread Nation by Justina Ireland.School Library Journal: Slavery comes to a halt when the dead on Civil War battlefields begin to rise and eat their compatriots. The north and south put aside their philosophical differences and join forces against the undead. They are aided in their efforts by the passage of the Native and Negro Reeducation Act which forces African American boys and girls into combat schools. Graduates from these schools are a buffer between the living and the undead.

Jane McKeen is a biracial girl sent to Ms. Preston’s school of combat…about to graduate when her friend, Red Jack, asks for help locating his sister Lily. Jane’s attempts to discover Lily’s whereabouts land her in a survivalist colony. Survivalists advocate a disordered view of natural selection that places Jane firmly under the thumb of a vicious sheriff and his psychopathic family. She must make some unlikely alliances of her own if she is to survive long enough to find her own path to freedom.

This is a fictional exploration of the chattel slavery and American Indian boarding school systems. Ireland skillfully works in the different forms of enslavement, mental and physical, into a complex and engaging story.

A perfect blend of horrors real and imagined, perfect for public and school libraries and fans of The Walking Dead.

Jan 312018

a pair of black ear budsAudio rights to C.L. Polk’s forthcoming debut WITCHMARK, to Brian Sweany at Recorded Books, in a nice deal, at auction, in a two-book deal, by Katie Shea Boutillier on behalf of Caitlin McDonald.

Jan 312018

Hungarian rights to New York Times best-selling author Jim Butcher’s STORM FRONT, FOOL MOON, and GRAVE PERIL, the first three books in the Dresden Files series, to Delta Vision KFT via Milena Kaplaveric at Prava I Prevodi in association with Jennifer Jackson.

Korean rights to Yoon Ha Lee’s Hugo- and Nebula-nominated NINEFOX GAMBIT and its first sequel RAVEN STRATAGEM, to East-Asia Publishing Co., by Jackie Yang at Eric Yang Agency in association with Jennifer Jackson and Michael Curry.

Russian rights to the Nebula and Hugo Award winner for Best Novella, Nnedi Okorafor’s BINTI, to Career Press, by Alexander Korzhenevski Agency in association with Katie Shea Boutillier.