Katie Shea Boutillier


Katie Shea Boutillier joined the Donald Maass Literary Agency in 2011. She is the Vice President and Rights Director where she handles the agency’s translation and audio rights in addition to agenting. Katie is committed to helping her clients achieve their long-term career goals and loves to collaborate with them on editorial and early development. She takes an upfront and honest approach to communication in an agent-client relationship with mutual trust being imperative.

Katie focuses on representing commercial fiction for young adult and adult markets in the areas of upmarket women’s fiction, book club fiction, romance, psychological / domestic suspense, thrillers, and coming-of-age stories. She is particularly drawn to contemporary storylines.

She is always on the hunt for strong voices and imperfect characters. She wants honest, sincere, and emotionally raw characters, holding nothing back. She is looking for modern ideas with social issues to contemplate, complex family dynamics to digest, and people’s lives to dig into for a moment while she reevaluates her own.

Katie lives with her family in the New Jersey suburbs.

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Submission Guidelines:

I am open to queries as of Aug. 15th, 2023!

Any queries sent between 3/10/23 and 8/14/23 have been deleted. You are welcome to re-query.

Please email ksbqueries@gmail.com with subject line “Query: TITLE.”

Please include your query, a short synopsis (not required & only if available), and the first five pages pasted into the body of the email, no attachments please. Snail-mail queries will not receive a response.

Response times:

Query letters – Currently, I am only responding to interested queries. However, I welcome all queriers to update me with important information regarding your project, such as a MAJOR revision, any awards received, and of course any offers of representation.
Partial & Full manuscripts requests — up to six months.