May 062024

Booklist: Two years ago: after her father was caught cheating, Olivia Owens was forced to move out of the mansion she’d grown up in. Five hours ago: she dressed to the nines to attend her famous father’s third wedding—and rob him of all the money his prenup kept from her ailing mother. Her revenge will hit him hard, if she and her team of misfits, including an old teacher and a dramatic new flame, can get in and out of the huge wedding event with his account passwords. Unpredictable guests and her (also cheating) ex-boyfriend get in the way of Olivia’s careful planning, but she and her coconspirators are determined to make her dad pay—with his millions and with his reputation. Wibberley and Siegemund-Broka, well known for cocreating mainstream romance novels, take an unexpected turn with this heist novel, but it’s a welcome one. There is romance here but also a solid underlying plot and a thrilling heist. Recommended for all libraries.