Nov 242015

Cover for Her Longed-For Family by Jo Ann Brown. Two young white children play on a blue rug with old-fashioned toys, match-making babies series.RT Book Reviews: The third book in the Matchmaking Babies series opens with Lord Warrick asking Lady Caroline Trelawney Dowling for help in refining his manners in order to find a wife and provide an heir. Lady Caroline finds that she enjoys spending time with Lord Warrick. For reasons of her own, Lady Caroline has chosen not to marry. But will Lord Warrick and the two abandoned children she has been taking care of make her change her mind? Brown’s latest is a faith-filled read sure to touch hearts. Readers will be pleased to find out that the storyline about the children’s origins is resolved. In addition, previous characters are back as the story wraps up all loose ends nicely and culminates in a moving ending.