Oct 122015

Cover for Made to Kill by Adam Christopher. A noir stylized painting of a closeup of a robot dressed in a fedora and trenchcoat with a woman's silhouette in the background.Publishers Weekly: Christopher (The Machine Awakes) merges pulp SF and crime novels in the pleasing launch of his L.A. trilogy. In an alternate 1960s America, Raymond is a robot PI, the last of his kind. He’s hired to find a missing movie star with secrets as deep as Raymond’s own. Raymond and his computer partner, Ada, would be at home in an Asimovian retro-future, but Asimov’s three laws of robotics are broken with impunity. The pacing, banter, and descriptions are classic noir, yet the stakes are higher, as Raymond learns that future of the free world is in his mechanical hands. The robot detective is morally gray and instantly likable, and the limitations placed on his abilities help maintain a heightened sense of danger and struggle. Genre mash-ups don’t always succeed, but this one will please fans of both gumshoes and laser beams.