Feb 122016

Cover for Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop.Library Journal: VERDICT In Bishop’s fourth dark fantasy adventure (after Vision in Silver), the stakes have grown higher. There are plenty of parallels to draw between current events and Bishop’s alternate world, but it is the stories of the characters woven through the action that keep the books fresh. Vivid worldbuilding and myth creation are Bishop’s strengths, and this title is a welcome addition to the series.

Things are coming to a head for the terra indigene and the humans who live around the Lakeside Courtyard. With long-held treaties frayed and extremist organizations such as Humans First and Last expanding, Simon Wolfgard, head of the Lakeside Courtyard, and Meg, the blood prophet, must decide whom they will protect and whom they can trust. As increased attacks by the radical human groups become more deadly, Meg’s warnings don’t always arrive in time. What the humans have forgotten is that the shapechangers and vampires they deal with are not the strongest powers, and these ancient forces are ready to take back what once belonged to them.