Feb 012014

bishop-murderofcrowsBooklist: The second book in the Others series continues to tell of the struggles of humans and the “terra indigene,” commonly referred to as Others. Building on the story told in the initial book, Written in Red (2013), Meg Corbyn is finding that life as a blood prophet, away from the man who had owned her, is anything but simple. In this fascinating tale, the Others, including vampires and shape-shifters, are the dominant species of the continent, and humans are the interlopers, barely tolerated. Meg does her best to keep the peace, but when she starts having more and more violent prophecies involving the deaths of Others, she struggles to get the dreams interpreted. It becomes clearer over time that what she sees is a foretelling of war between the Others and humans. Questions of who is instigating the growing clashes and why they are doing it linger throughout the book. The world is described in fluid detail, set in an alternate reality of Earth, with characters that are complex and intriguing. A fantastic sequel to the first book in the series.