Oct 072015

Cover for NEED by Joelle Charbonneau. Intense close up of an angry white girl with blue eyes and blond hair, with NEED on the side in pixels and lists of what people need faded in the background.School Library Journal: When a new social network pops up promising to fulfill any need, 16-year-old Kaylee Dunham knows it’s too good to be true. […] Charbonneau delivers a tightly paced thriller packed with enough tension to keep teens hooked until the dramatic finale. Readers will root for Kaylee as she faces down hateful classmates, a mother who doesn’t trust her, and an out-of-control social network bent on turning everyone she knows into a killer. Told through the perspective of multiple students entangled in NEED, this work raises interesting questions about the real-life dangers that could arise from operating anonymously online. Well-defined conflict and plenty of action also make this a good choice for reluctant readers.