Feb 082024

Publishers Weekly: Mohamed (the Void trilogy) turns from cosmic horror to dark fantasy in an enchanting, bite-size adventure that will put readers in mind of Robert Holdstock’s classic Mythago Wood. Legend has it that an otherworldly realm full of mysterious humanoid creatures exists deep within Elmever forest, but no one who’s gone into the woods has ever returned to confirm or deny these rumors—save for Veris Thorn, who, before the start of the novel, saved a child from the forest, though it was more a feat of luck than skill. When Eleonor and Aram, the children of a cruel emperor referred to only as the Tyrant, disappear into the woods, the Tyrant gives Vern 24 hours to bring them back. If she fails, the Tyrant will kill her family and raze her village. This tense quest through the eerie and atmospheric forest propels the story forward at a breakneck pace. Though the page count doesn’t leave much room for character development, lending the cast a flat, fairy tale-like quality, it’s easy to buy into the high stakes. Readers will be rapt.