Jun 242015

Cover for Violent Ends edited by Shaun David Hutchinson. An empty high school hallway in stark black and white when the title in bold red letters.Kirkus: This collection of stories provocatively and effectively illustrates the multidimensionality of someone considered to be a monster, and readers will find much of it fascinating and moving. A variety of characters affected by a school shooting offer their perspectives in this work of realistic fiction penned by 17 different authors and coordinated by Hutchinson. When Kirby Matheson, a high school student with a history both of being bullied and of coming to the aid of others being maltreated, kills six of his fellow students and then himself, everyone searches for answers. A vignette from the point of view of his childhood tormentor is deeply troubling. The most experimental section is narrated by the gun Kirby used to commit the murders. However, the sheer number of perspectives feels unwieldy at times. Engaging and heart-wrenching but spread a bit too thin.