Oct 152013

bein-demonLibrary Journal: Because of her efforts to prove her worth, DS Mariko Oshiro has been promoted to Tokyo’s Narcotics Unit, an elite group of detectives who tackle the most difficult cases. When a member of a powerful yakuza syndicate places a price on Mariko’s head, she finds that the only way the bounty can be lifted is if she retrieves the iron demon mask recently stolen from the crime lord. In tracking down both the mask and her enemy, Mariko encounters the turbulent history of the artifact as well as its ties to the samurai sword she uses. Bein’s sequel to Daughter of the Sword adds new complications to Mariko’s story and opens a window onto modern Japanese culture as seen through the eyes of its crime fighters. VERDICT Vibrant and unforgettable characters combine with Japanese history and fast-paced action to create an urban fantasy for fans of Asian culture.