Sep 152015

Cover for The Aeronaut's Windlass by Jim Butcher.Booklist: Butcher, the best-selling author of the Dresden Files, now launches the Cinder Files, a new epic fantasy, steampunk hybrid series that has shades of both Naomi Novik and Cherie Priest, set in a world where people live in highly developed societies housed in spires that protrude into the sky. Each spire has its own guard and fleets of airships to use for trade and defense—fleets made up of Master and Commander–style ships that float through the mist-shrouded skies, powered by magical crystals. A disgraced fleet captain and a group of young guardsmen and women loyal to Spire Albion are forced together after a surprise attack by Spire Aurora, but, as they soon learn, this attack is much more than a simple war between Spires. With shifting points of view, short chapters, fast-paced action, and awesome battle scenes, the large cast of characters, elaborate world building, and intricate plot are revealed quickly and realized fully. It all reminds readers of when they first fell for Harry Dresden. The Cinder Files will be sure to attract Butcher fans new, old, and even lapsed, increasing interest as well in all of his novels.