Jul 272020

Library Journal: Hell’s Library has survived, but not without the loss of hundreds of books from the Unwritten Wing. Now the muse Brevity has stepped up to become Librarian, as Claire takes over the Arcane Wing. As they try to find their footing in their new roles, they discover that the remains of the destroyed books are leaking curious ink. The fractures in their former camaraderie widen as Claire and Brevity choose to approach the mystery in different ways. When a representative from the Muse Corps arrives, one who has a past with Brevity, Claire’s brusque manner and actions intensify. As the angel Rami and devilish Hero head to other realms to find answers, the true power of the ink manifests, revealing secrets that could once again change the power structure in Hell. Hackwith literally brings books to life with her layered prose, emotional scenes, slow burns, and powerful connections among found family members.

VERDICT The sequel to The Library of the Unwritten will not disappoint as the prickly Claire, brash Hero, bubbly Brevity, and composed Rami build their story lines into solidity.