Sep 292015

Cover for Violent Ends edited by Shaun David Hutchinson. An empty high school hallway in stark black and white when the title in bold red letters.VOYA: This is an intriguing, powerful narrative told through seventeen unique points of view, each of which have some sort of contact or connection to a school shooter. […] The storytelling is wonderfully intense and distinctive on such a difficult, tragic topic.  Readers will be captivated, not wanting to put the book down, but also needing a break due to the extremely engaging, emotionally charged content of characters’ feelings and thoughts.  No clear, neat, and clean answers are given as to why someone would commit such a heinous crime but all the points of view humanize everyone involved, including the shooter, making for uncomfortable, realistic, hard truths about society and culture in America. This exceptional book will haunt the individual reader for days and it is a perfect book for group discussion in a book club or classroom setting.  This tough topic but excellent book is a must-have purchase for all young adult collections.