We make best efforts to respond to every query that is properly addressed and follows our submission guidelines.

We do not represent poetry, picture books, or screenplays. For nonfiction, please see individual agent profiles.

Queries must be addressed to a specific agent, so please read the page for each individual agent to help determine who is best suited to your project. Each agent’s individual page also has details on how to submit to that agent and when to expect a response.

Do not query more than one agent at our agency simultaneously. If your project is rejected you may then query a different agent at our agency. Do not re-query the same agent with a project (unless requested to do so) without waiting at least 6 months and doing extensive revisions.

We only accept queries via email. Do not query via regular mail, phone, or social media.

  • Send your query to the email address specified on the individual agent’s page.
  • Begin your subject line with QUERY: title of the manuscript (e.g. QUERY: The Count of Monte Cristo).
  • Include:
    • a query letter (be sure it includes both genre and word count)
    • the first five pages of your manuscript
    • a short synopsis (1-2 pages)
  • We will not open unsolicited attachments, so send all of the above pasted into the body of the email.


All DMLA agents adhere to the AAR Canon of Ethics, and we do not charge reading or evaluation fees.