Feb 282022

a pair of black ear budsAudio rights to New York Times bestseller Jim Butcher’s new novella THE LAW, with the author to narrate, to Kate Runde at Podium Publishing, in a six-figure deal, at auction, by Michael Curry and Jennifer Jackson. Limited edition rights to Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press.

Audio rights to USA Today bestselling author LJ Andrews’s THE BROKEN KINGDOM SERIES, to Kate Runde at Podium Audio, at auction, in a four-book deal, by Katie Shea Boutillier

Audio rights to Mia Tsai’s BITTER MEDICINE, to Brian Sweany at Recorded Books, at auction, by Katie Shea Boutillier, on behalf of Anne Tibbets.

Nov 292021

Author of forthcoming TINDERBOX W.A. Simpson’s sequel, TAROTMANCER, when a Black diviner predicts a dark future and assists a wily shape-shifter in a heist gone wrong, it’s up to her to make a deal with a two-faced King to save her friend and the realm from the malevolent Rot, to Don D’Auria at Flame Tree Press, in a nice deal, in an exclusive submission, by Anne Tibbets (world English).

Nov 182021

Publishers Weekly: McHugh’s gripping debut focuses on Jennifer Scarborough, who has been grooming her daughter, Abby, for media stardom for nearly 10 years. Since Abby was four, she has been photographed, videoed, and packaged under the name Chloe Cates in Jennifer’s popular blog, CC and Me. Jennifer, who cherishes her identity as a blogger and entrepreneur, won’t let anyone stand in the way of her dreams for her daughter—not even the girl herself. Meanwhile, 13-year-old Abby writes in her journal: “Everybody knows CC Spectacular, but Abby Scarborough doesn’t exist, not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat—nowhere that counts… Who cares about me when Chloe is the star?” Chloe’s subsequent disappearance is national news, and the internet is fueled with viral hashtags like #CatchChloeCates trending on every major platform. Emilina Stone, the detective with the Children and Family Services Unit in Albany, N.Y., who’s assigned the case, declines to reveal to her superiors that she and Jennifer were childhood friends. Chapters told from multiple perspectives skillfully tease out the characters’ respective secrets to reveal the rage lurking beneath their smiling faces. McHugh is off to a strong start.

Nov 162021

Author of FINDING TESSA and IT COULD BE ANYONE Jaime Lynn Hendricks’s I DIDN’T DO IT, when a famous writer is murdered at a national thriller conference, four other authors receive death threats via text and a sinister Twitter account and band together to find out who’s behind it, soon finding they’re living a thriller novel themselves, turning on each other, and wondering if one of them is next—or if one of them is a killer, to Luisa Smith at Scarlet, in a nice deal, in an exclusive submission, by Anne Tibbets.

Nov 102021

Author of CHLOE CATES IS MISSING, Mandy McHugh’s next domestic thriller, PLAY THE FOOL, about a woman who loses everything to her bumbling husband and plots his murder, only to get set up when someone else beats her to it, to Luisa Smith at Scarlet, in a nice deal, by Anne Tibbets.

Jul 132021

Debut author Mia Tsai’s BITTER MEDICINE, pitched as a xianxia-inspired contemporary fantasy about a magical temp agency calligrapher who becomes involved with one of her clients and must embrace her powers in order to battle in a deadly family feud, to Jacob Weisman at Tachyon Publications, with Jaymee Goh editing by Anne Tibbets.

Jul 012021

W.A. Simpson’s TINDERBOX, a high fantasy about a Black witch out for revenge, and a kidnapped prince fighting to return home, as they team up against a dark fey sorcerer, to Don D’Auria at Flame Tree Press by Anne Tibbets.