Aug 282017

Author photo of Caitlin Starling.Debut author Caitlin Starling’s THE LUMINOUS DEAD, a claustrophobic sci-fi thriller building on the isolated tradition of The Martian and desperate survival of Gravity, in which a professional caver accepts a solo expedition to map an unexplored cave system on a foreign planet, not knowing that her handler’s personal connection with this cave and the ghosts she has buried there will come back to haunt them both, to David Pomerico at Harper Voyager, by Caitlin McDonald at the Donald Maass Literary Agency (World English).

Jan 242017

photo of author Ada HarperAda Harper’s A CONSPIRACY OF WHISPERS, a twist on an alpha/omega-style romance set in a world where fertility is a rare and valuable genetic trait, and assassin Olivia Shaw must keep her status as an undocumented fertile woman a secret from the noble who hired her, to Angela James at Carina Press, in a two-book deal, by Caitlin McDonald.

Jan 102017
Photo of author C.L. Polk

Photo credit: Blake Rothwell

C.L. Polk’s debut fantasy novel WITCHMARK, in which a doctor returned from a recent war has faked his death to work at a cash-strapped veteran’s hospital, but when a fatally poisoned patient exposes his secret healing powers to a witness, he must put his anonymity and freedom at risk to investigate his patient’s murder, plus an untitled sequel, to Carl Engle-Laird at, by Caitlin McDonald.

Aug 042016

Cover for Kate McIntyre's The Timeseer's Gambit.It’s been three months since mild-mannered Christopher Buckley began working with Olivia Faraday, the eccentric Deathsniffer. They’ve hunted killers, solved murders, and learned to work together. But their greatest challenges are yet to come…

As a brutal heat wave wracks an increasingly unstable Darrington City, someone is killing young priests. Worse, they are using bound elementals to do it. As Chris and Olivia contend with rogue spiritbinders and a church under siege, the clock ticks down toward the trial of Doctor Francis Livingstone, accused of orchestrating the fall of the Floating Castle and the death of thousands. Chris believes the doctor is innocent, but the tide of the conspiracy aligned against him is strong enough to wash away anyone who would stand for him.

How far is Chris willing to go to save the doctor? Can Darrington city survive the rival forces tearing it apart? And can Olivia find her first serial killer before another body drops?

May 122016

Photo of author Alicia Eler.Culture journalist and selfie expert Alicia Eler’s THE SELFIE GENERATION, an exploration of the most direct form of visual communication in the digital age and how it shapes our culture, including discussions of digital privacy, selfie psychology, and depictions of selfie culture in mainstream media, to Maxim Brown at Skyhorse, by Caitlin McDonald.

Dec 222015

kate-mcintyreKate McIntyre’s THE TIMESEER’S GAMBIT, in the sequel to THE DEATHSNIFFER’S ASSISTANT, the Deathsniffer and her assistant take on a serial killer who is unleashing elemental spirits to murder young priests, while also trying to untangle the conspiracy that has declared one man responsible for the worst accident of the century, again to Vicki Keire at Curiosity Quills Press, for publication in Summer 2016, by Caitlin McDonald.