Nov 142017

Cover of Creatures of Will and Temper by Molly Tanzer.Victorian London is a place of fluid social roles, vibrant arts culture, fin-de-siècle wonders . . . and dangerous underground diabolic cults. Fencer Evadne Gray cares for none of the former and knows nothing of the latter when she’s sent to London to chaperone her younger sister, aspiring art critic Dorina.

At loose ends after Dorina becomes enamored with their uncle’s friend, Lady Henrietta “Henry” Wotton, a local aristocrat and aesthete, Evadne enrolls in a fencing school. There, she meets George Cantrell, an experienced fencing master like she’s always dreamed of studying under. But soon, George shows her something more than fancy footwork—he reveals to Evadne a secret, hidden world of devilish demons and their obedient servants. George has dedicated himself to eradicating demons and diabolists alike, and now he needs Evadne’s help. But as she learns more, Evadne begins to believe that Lady Henry might actually be a diabolist . . . and even worse, she suspects Dorina might have become one too.

Combining swordplay, the supernatural, and Victorian high society, Creatures of Will and Temper reveals a familiar but strange London in a riff on Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray that readers won’t soon forget.

Nov 072017

Cover of The Sisters of the Crescent Moon by Leena Likitalo.We all think we know how the story ends…

With the Crescent Empress dead, a civil war has torn the empire asunder. No one seems able to stop the ruthless Gagargi Prataslav. The five Daughters of the Moon are where he wants them to be, held captive in an isolated house in the far north.

Little Alina senses that the rooms that have fallen in disrepair have a sad tale to tell. Indeed, she soon meets two elderly ladies, the ghosts of the house’s former inhabitants.

Merile finds the ghosts suspiciously friendly and too interested in her sisters. She resolves to uncover their agenda with the help of her two dogs.

Sibilia isn’t terribly interested in her younger sisters’ imaginary friends, for she has other concerns. If they don’t leave the house by spring, she’ll miss her debut. And while reading through the holy scriptures, she stumbles upon a mystery that reeks of power.

Elise struggles to come to terms with her relationship with Captain Janlav. Her former lover now serves the gagargi, and it’s his duty to keep the daughters confined in the house. But if the opportunity were to arise, she might be able sway him into helping them flee.

Celestia is perfectly aware of the gagargi coming to claim her rather sooner than later. She’s resolved to come up with a plan to keep her sisters safe at any cost. For she knows what tends to happen to the sisters of the Crescent Empress.

Nov 022017

Cover of Creatures of Will and Temper by Molly Tanzer.Library Journal: The Victorian era setting of Tanzer’s latest (after the marvelous Weird Western Vermillion) adds a formality that contrasts nicely with the dueling and demonic communion. At its center is a difficult sibling relationship and the Gray sisters’ parallel efforts to find somewhere to belong.

Oct 182017
Cover of Creatures of Will and Temper by Molly Tanzer.RT Reviews: Tanzer crafts a dark, heady tale of sensuality and the supernatural, full of deceptively complex characters and plenty of dangerous surprises. Tanzer deserves credit for creating a complex and insightful relationship between her two sisters, and providing them such a gripping adventure in which to grow.
Oct 122017
Cover of The Sisters of the Crescent Empress by Leena Likitalo.Publishers Weekly: In Likitalo’s lovely sequel to The Five Daughters of the Moon, based on the last days of the Romanovs, the lyrical prose takes full advantage of the richness of Russian mythology and perfectly captures the enduring chill that surrounds the girls.
Sep 292017

German rights to David Gerrold’s mix of backlist titles including WHEN HARLIE WAS ONE, for e-book rights only, to Heyne, in a five-book deal, by Sarah Knofius at Thomas Schlueck Agency in association with Katie Shea Boutillier.

German rights to NYT bestselling author Brent Weeks’s THE BURNING WHITE (Book 5 in the Lightbringer series), to Blanvalet, by Bastian Schlueck at Thomas Schlueck Agency in association with Katie Shea Boutillier.

Hungarian rights to Robert Jackson Bennett’s CITY OF MIRACLES, Book 3 of The Divine Cities trilogy, to Agave Konyvek, by Milena Kaplarevic at Prava I Prevodi in association with Katie Shea Boutillier on behalf of Cameron McClure.

Czech rights to Michael R. Fletcher’s BEYOND REDEMPTION, THE MIRROR’S TRUTH and SWARM AND STEEL, to Fantom Print, in a three-book deal, by Milena Kaplarevic at Prava I Prevodi, in association with Katie Shea Boutillier on behalf of Cameron McClure.

Estonian rights to New York Times best-selling author Jim Butcher’s STORM FRONT and FOOL MOON, the first and second books in the Dresden Files series, to KIRJASTUS FANTAASIA OU via Milena Kaplaveric at Prava I Prevodi in association with Jennifer Jackson.

Hungarian rights to USA Today bestselling author Kaira Rouda’s BEST DAY EVER, to Alexandra, by Milena Kaplarevic at Prava I Prevodi in association with Katie Shea Boutillier.

French rights to Yoon Ha Lee’s Hugo- and Nebula-nominated NINEFOX GAMBIT, to Denoël, by Anna Jarota and Juliana Miasso at Anna Jarota Agency in association with Jennifer Jackson and Michael Curry.

Simplified Chinese rights to Nnedi Okorafor’s WHO FEARS DEATH, to Winshare, by Gray Tan at The Grayhawk Agency in association with Katie Shea Boutillier.

Italian rights to Margaret Doody’s ARISTOTLE AND THE HOUSE OF WINDS, to Sellerio, by Stefania Fietta at Donzelli Fietta, in association with Katie Shea Boutillier.

Portuguese rights (Portugal only) to World Fantasy, Nebula and Hugo Award winning author Nnedi Okorafor’s WHO FEARS DEATH, to Saida de Emergencia, by Maru de Montserrat at International Editors’ in association with Katie Shea Boutillier.

Sep 292017

a pair of black ear budsNYT bestselling author Robert McCammon’s STRINGER, USHER’S PASSING, MYSTERY WALK and MINE, to Steve Feldberg at Audible, by Katie Shea Boutillier at Donald Maass Literary Agency on behalf of Cameron McClure.

Aug 312017

a pair of black ear budsRhiannon Held’s DEATH-TOUCHED, Book 5 of the Silver series, to Anji Cornette at GraphicAudio, by Katie Shea Boutillier at Donald Maass Literary Agency, on behalf of Cameron McClure.

Aug 302017
Autostraddle staff writer and direct action organizer KaeLyn Rich’s UNTITLED TEEN ACTIVISM GUIDE FOR GIRLS, showcasing ways that teen girls can advocate and organize in their communities from picking a cause to fundraising to marches and protests to online activism, with a focus on teen specific issues like lobbying elected officials as a non-voter and having tough conversations with parents, to Blair Thornburgh at Quirk Books, for publication in Fall 2018, by Cameron McClure at Donald Maass.
Aug 222017

Cover of Swarm and Steel by Michael Fletcher.Zerfall awakens in an alley, wounded and unable to remember her past. Chased by an assassin out into the endless wastes of the desert, she is caught, disfigured, and left for dead. Her scabbard is empty, but the need for answers—and the pull of her sword—will draw her back to the city-states.

When Jateko, a naïve youth, accidentally kills a member of his own tribe, he finds himself outcast and pursued across the desert for his crimes. Crazed from dehydration, dying of thirst and hunger, he stumbles across Zerfall.

Hunted by assassins and bound by mutual need, both Zerfall and Jeteko will confront the Täuschung, an ancient and deranged religion ruled by a broken fragment of Zerfall’s mind. Swarm, the Täuschung hell, seethes with imprisoned souls, but where gods—real or imagined—meddle in the affairs of man, the cost is high.

In Swarm and Steel, the power of belief can manifest and shape reality, and for political and religious leaders, faith becomes a powerful tool. But the insane are capable of twisting reality with their delusions as well, turning increasingly dangerous as their sanity crumbles. It is here that a long prophesied evil will be born, an endless hunger. The All Consuming will rise.