Feb 102017

What’s it about? For starters, we’ll use core emotional craft principles like third level emotions in different contexts. We’ll add to your novel moments of delight and defeat. We’ll see how emotional goals play out both in scenes and change over the length of your novel. We’ll build a box of hopelessness for your protagonist and find four ways in which your readers cannot help but hope and cheer despite themselves. We’ll change your own emotions and discover how that impacts the page you’re writing. We’ll draw the moral map of your story and take readers on a twisting route through it. We’ll follow an emotional journey that readers cannot resist and that opens for you a new level of craft.

Bring blank notebooks and a supply of pens. This is new stuff. It’s the practical techniques of writing fiction not with your head, but with your heart.

Workshop dates:

Houston, June 2-4
Seattle, September 15-17.

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  •  February 10, 2017
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