Aug 162017

The 37th and 38th titles in the long-running Victorian mystery series THE INSPECTOR AND MRS. JEFFRIES by Emily Brightwell, about a dim-witted Scotland Yard inspector and his much smarter housekeeper, to Kate Seaver at the Berkley Publishing Group, by Donald Maass.

Aug 032017

Author photo of Leanna Renee Hieber.Leanna Renee Hieber, the award-winning author of STRANGELY BEAUTIFUL, will write three books in her new series THE GHOST PRECINCT.

During the height of New York City’s gilded age, Teddy Roosevelt created a secret division within the New York Police Department. Under direction of its leader, gifted medium Eve Whitby, the Ghost Precinct helps the NYPD solve crimes and, in some cases, intervene before a crime is even committed, by wielding powers and tricks known only by mediums and utilized only by the dead.

The books were placed with Elizabeth May at Kensington’s Rebel Base by Paul Stevens.

Aug 022017

Photo of author Cassandra KhawCassandra Khaw, author of FOOD OF THE GODS, will write a new novel in the Gods & Monsters universe that will bring together all four characters from previous installments in one gloriously original story, sold to David Moore at Abaddon Books by Michael Curry.

Jul 282017

Author photo of Saladin Ahmed.Saladin Ahmed, Hugo-nominated author of THRONE OF THE CRESCENT MOON, will write for CANTO BIGHT, a Star Wars book by four authors that will focus on creatures from the glamorous casino world of Canto Bight, a setting appearing in the new film The Last Jedi coming this December. The deal was negotiated with Thomas Hoeler at Del Rey Books by Jennifer Jackson.

Jun 272017

Nebula finalist Martha Wells will write two more Murderbot Diaries to follow on the popular ALL SYSTEMS RED (released in May of this year) and the forthcoming ARTIFICIAL CONDITION, arriving in January 2018. The third entry of the Murderbot Diaries ROGUE PROTOCOL and the fourth untitled book will also be published later in 2018. The Murderbot Diaries books were acquired by Publishing’s senior editor, Lee Harris from Jennifer Jackson.

Jun 212017

Photo of author Dan KoboldtDan Koboldt, geneticist and author of THE ISLAND DECEPTION, to edit PUTTING THE SCIENCE IN FICTION, a collection of essays from Dan’s popular blog series ( Scientists, engineers, medical professionals, and other experts share their insights to help authors get the science right and create more compelling fiction. To Cris Freese at Writer’s Digest Books by Paul Stevens.

Jun 152017

photo of author Ada PalmerHugo and John W. Campbell Award Finalist and Compton Crook Award Winner Ada Palmer’s TOO LIKE THE LIGHTNING, plus three sequels in her Terra Ignota quartet, about the collapse of a utopian society set 500 years in the future and narrated by the world’s most notorious criminal, to Nicolas Cheetham at Head of Zeus, by Harry Illingworth at DHH Literary on behalf of Cameron McClure.

Jun 062017

Photo of author Yoon Ha Lee.Hugo and World Fantasy Award nominee Yoon Ha Lee’s next science fiction novel in which two scrappy investigators are hired to find a stolen starship which may be used to reignite an old interstellar war to Jonathan Oliver at Solaris by Jennifer Jackson.

Jun 052017

Photo of author Eliza Maxwell.Author of THE GRAVE TENDER and forthcoming THE UNREMEMBERED GIRL, Eliza Maxwell’s THE WIDOW’S WATCHER, about a woman who loses her entire family and is ready to end it all when an unlikely savior gives her reason to live again as she untangles the mystery of his children’s disappearance, to Chris Werner and Danielle Marshall at Lake Union Publishing, by Katie Shea Boutillier.

May 302017

photo of author Emily WinslowUK rights to Emily Winslow’s LOOK FOR HER (previously titled STILL LIFE), her fourth Keene and Frohmann mystery novel set in Cambridge, a tightly wound story of psychological suspense about three woman whose lives collide when new evidence on a 40-year-old cold case comes to light, to Susie Dunlop at Allison and Busby for publication in fall 2017, by Cameron McClure.