May 052022

P.C. Hodgell sold rights to the 11th novel in the Kencyrath series to Toni Weisskopf at Baen Books via Jennifer Jackson. Per the author, this sequel to Deathless Gods (coming from Baen this October), will wrap up many lingering storylines, and is possibly the final volume in the long-running tale, begun in God Stalk, of Jamethiel and the Highborn.

Apr 082022

Iori Kusano’s novella HYBRID HEART has been acquired by dave ring at Neon Hemlock in a World English deal via Jennifer Jackson. Rei is a pop idol in near future Japan with middling success trying to push forward in her solo career despite competition from Vocaloid-style digital singers. Haunted by both guilt and the insidious manipulations of a controlling talent manager, Rei is forced to question what parts of herself—and those around her—she will sacrifice on the path to success. Neon Hemlock will publish in their 2023 novella series.

Apr 062022

Author of THE ANNUAL MIGRATION OF CLOUDS Premee Mohamed’s NO ONE WILL COME BACK FOR US, their first collection of short fiction, to Michael Kelly at Undertow Publications, for publication in May 2023, by Michael Curry

Apr 012022

Photo credit to Anna

Author of the forthcoming BOYS I KNOW Anna Gracia’s MISDIRECTION OF FAULT LINES, pitched as a tennis version of Center Stage, following three Asian American teen girls—the underdog, the social media darling, and the defiant ex-friend—from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds who compete against each other at an elite tennis summer camp and discover they’re not so different after all, to Ashley Hearn at Peachtree Teen, in a nice deal, for publication in spring 2024, by Kiana Nguyen.

Mar 302022

Nebula Award-nominated author Premee Mohamed’s WE SPOKE THROUGH THE MOUNTAIN and THE FIRST THOUSAND TREES, two novellas continuing the stories of Reid and Henryk from THE ANNUAL MIGRATION OF CLOUDS, to Jen Albert at ECW Press for publication in 2023 and 2024 by Michael Curry.

Mar 182022

Sharon Lee (left) and Steve Miller (right)

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller’s next three novels in the epic Liaden Universe ® series, to Toni Weisskopf at Baen in a six-figure deal by Jennifer Jackson.

Mar 152022

Tara Weikum at HarperTeen has preempted Ellen O’Clover’s debut novel Seven Percent of Ro Devereux. When her senior project—a future-predicting app based on the game MASH—goes viral, 18-year-old Ro and her app-selected match/ex-best friend Miller become the public faces of a phenomenon that spirals out of control. Publication is set for winter 2023; Katie Shea Boutillier did the six-figure, two-book deal for world English rights.

Mar 022022

Victoria Fulton (left) and Faith McClaren (right)

Victoria Fulton and Faith McClaren’s ELLIE IS COOL NOW, in which a TV writer who didn’t peak in high school is given the ultimatum by her boss to go to her 10-year reunion or lose her big break, and takes the bait to (hopefully) prove once and for all, she is cool now, originally published via Wattpad, to Madeleine Colavita at Forever, in a very nice deal for publication in winter 2023, by Katie Shea Boutillier.

Feb 222022

Tor Books is proud to announce the acquisition Origins of The Wheel of Time: The Legends and Mythologies that Inspired Robert Jordan by Michael Livingston, including a foreword by Harriet McDougal, by Robert Davis via Paul Stevens. The UK and Commonwealth rights were acquired by Bella Pagan, Publishing Director of Pan Macmillan’s Tor imprint.

Take a deep dive into the real-world history and mythology that inspired the world of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time®. Origins of The Wheel of Time is written by Michael Livingston, Secretary-General of the United States Commission on Military History and professor of medieval literature at The Citadel, with a Foreword by Harriet McDougal, Robert Jordan’s editor, widow, and executor of his estate.

This companion to the internationally bestselling series will delve into the creation of Robert Jordan’s masterpiece, drawing from interviews and an unprecedented examination of his unpublished notes. Michael Livingston tells the behind-the-scenes story of who Jordan was, how he worked, and why he holds such an important place in modern literature.