Sep 082021

Author of the Tufa Series, Alex Bledsoe’s DANDELION, in which a former marine with the ability to cast out demons tries to help a woman who had a botched exorcism, only to discover that there are other, more powerful demons in town, to John G. Hartness at Falstaff Books by Paul E. Stevens.

Aug 062021

New York Times bestselling author Tamysn Muir will expand her Locked Tomb series with an additional volume, NONA THE NINTH.

Continuing the Locked Tomb series, which began with 2019’s Gideon the Ninth and followed with 2020’s Harrow the Ninth, the new book will publish in Fall 2022, with Alecto the Ninth to follow in Fall 2023. Tordotcom Publishing, an imprint of Macmillan under Tom Doherty Associates, acquired English language rights in a six-figure deal with Jennifer Jackson.

Jul 132021

Debut author Mia Tsai’s BITTER MEDICINE, pitched as a xianxia-inspired contemporary fantasy about a magical temp agency calligrapher who becomes involved with one of her clients and must embrace her powers in order to battle in a deadly family feud, to Jacob Weisman at Tachyon Publications, with Jaymee Goh editing by Anne Tibbets.

Jul 012021

W.A. Simpson’s TINDERBOX, a high fantasy about a Black witch out for revenge, and a kidnapped prince fighting to return home, as they team up against a dark fey sorcerer, to Don D’Auria at Flame Tree Press by Anne Tibbets.

Jun 162021

Ruby Barrett returns to the universe of HOT COPY in WHILE IT’S HOT, in which restaurant owner Amy Chambers hires a former fan favorite reality TV chef to save her struggling kitchen, only to discover that the talented, yet enigmatic woman seems determined to undermine her authority at every turn—but when fire spreads from the kitchen to the bedroom they’re forced to reckon with their growing attraction before they lose everything, world English rights to Stephanie Doig at Carina Adores, by Kiana Nguyen.

Jun 152021

In a preemptive bid, Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment has landed the rights to I Don’t Forgive You, the upcoming debut novel of former police reporter Aggie Blum Thompson.

The book will be adapted into a TV series for cable/streaming, which Kaplan will executive produce with Mandalay’s Peter Guber, a longtime friend and former client at WMA.

A psychological thriller with a female lead, I Don’t Forgive You is about a photographer struggling to fit in among the mom cliques in her new D.C. suburb when she is framed for a neighbor’s murder and must frantically try to uncover who is destroying her life by impersonating her on social media.

Jun 072021

Locus and Aurora Award finalist Premee Mohamed’s THE VOID ASCENDANT, the highly anticipated conclusion to the Beneath the Rising trilogy, and an additional novel, to David Moore at Solaris Books, for publication in Spring 2022, by Michael Curry.

Jun 042021

Clarion West graduate Eden Robins’ SHOWSTOPPER, pitched as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel with magic, set in post WWII Chicago in a women’s only comedy club, where 23-year-old Franny Steinberg stumbles in one night and discovers that some jokes have the power to literally transform their audiences, and falls in with a group of female stand-up comedians all looking for their own transformation, to Christa Desir at Sourcebooks Landmark, in a two book deal, for publication Fall 2022, by Cameron McClure.

Jun 032021

Film rights to Nicole Glover’s The Conductors have been acquired by Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit Entertainment in association with the Jim Henson Company, via Geoff Morley at UTA in association with Jennie Goloboy.

Jun 022021

Photo credit to Anna Gracia

Ashley Hearn at Peachtree Teen has acquired Boys I Know by debut author Anna Gracia. This coming-of-age story follows a “year in the life” of high school senior June Chu as she navigates sex, love, and Planned Parenthood in her small Midwestern town, while clashing with her Taiwanese mother’s expectation that she will follow her older sister to Northwestern on a music scholarship. Publication is scheduled for summer 2022; Kiana Nguyen brokered the deal for world rights.