Jun 042024

As time has passed, Dr. Renee Caisson has begun to see the demonic, alien August as more than a research subject or an unlikely colleague—they’ve become friends. And together she and August have helped the two societies of Nextdoor and Earth through the confusion of first contact, the danger of misunderstandings, and the anger of mistreatment.

But when a popular blogger and conspiracy theorist twists August’s words, an uproar ensues, turning a powerful section of human society against the Neighbors—and resulting in Renee’s house arrest. Her could-be boyfriend, Major Jackson, says it’s to protect her, though that’s not how Renee sees it.

Torn between duty and friendship, August jumps Renee to freedom, fully aware that the journey might reveal more to her than she should know. The wily Neighbor has pieced together that Renee has been unconsciously using their magic, a fact that, if revealed, will cause more, not less, conflict between the humans and Neighbors.

For if the people of Earth can master magic and exile August’s people again, the Neighbors will not survive. . . .

Jun 042024

On a world where cake is a necessity, it takes the Grid to protect the civilized and the deaf from the dire influences of the ambient and to keep the chaotic Haosa at bay.

Having arrived at recently Dust-bound Colemeno, Trader Padi yos’Galan is essential to Master Trader Shan yos’Galan’s plan to recoup Clan Korval’s fortunes by establishing new routes for the clan’s tradeship. Shan’s inner Healer insists Padi come to terms with her as-yet unplumbed psychic abilities, which might place her in the top tier of dramliz, if she can learn control.

Padi yearns to concentrate on trade, but Colemeno’s fey ambient and deadly long-term politics combine to bring her face-to-face with the Haosa, and in particular with the mysterious and untouchable Tekelia, as Korval’s trade mission’s necessity of a port audit collide with a cruel history of murder, deception, and brutality. Amid the dangers, Padi unexpectedly finds herself eagerly exploring her dramliz side when faced with the unspoken powers of the ambient, the sky-filling energy of the ribbon dance, and Tekelia’s mutable eyes.

May 312024

a pair of black ear budsAudio rights to Sharon Lee’s SEA WRACK AND CHANGEWIND, a collection of short fiction from her Archers Beach setting, to Kim Budnick at Tantor Media, by Michael Curry for Jennifer Jackson.

Audio rights to Jo Miles’s The Gifted of Brennex series, to Kim Budnick at Tantor, in an exclusive submission, in a three-book deal, by Katie Shea Boutillier for Anne Tibbets.

Audio rights to Jo Ann Ferguson’s A RATHER NECESSARY END, GRAVE INTENTIONS, and FAIRE GAME, the first three books in the Priscilla Flanders series, to Megan Frampton at Everand, by Michael Curry for Jennifer Jackson.

May 312024

Czech rights to Kel Kade’s LEGENDS OF AHN and KINGDOMS AND CHAOS, to Fantom Print, in a two-book deal, by Milena Kaplarevic at Prava I Prevodi, on behalf of Katie Shea Boutillier for Cameron McClure.

Polish rights to Robert McCammon’s MISTER SLAUGHTER, to Vesper, by Milena Kaplarevic at Prava I Prevodi, on behalf of Katie Shea Boutillier for Cameron McClure.

Portuguese (Brazil) rights to New York Times bestselling author Martha Wells’ ARTIFICIAL CONDITION, ROGUE PROTOCOL, and EXIT STRATEGY, the third, fourth, and fifth books in The Murderbot Diaries series, to Editora Aleph, by Cristina Purchio at International Editors’ Co. in association with Michael Curry for Jennifer Jackson.

Ukrainian rights to Hugo Award finalist Vajra Chandrasekera’s THE SAINT OF BRIGHT DOORS and RAKESFALL, to Zhorzh, by Milena Kaplarević at Prava i prevodi in association with Michael Curry.

May 172024

Library Journal: The old gods are dead, and the new ones are horrific. Karys Eska is bound to a new god, and the price for her ability to speak to the dead is, on an unspecified day, to be snatched away to a realm of terrors. When she attempts to rescue a dying stranger from uncanny creatures, she accidentally merges Ferain with her shadow. If Eska learns how to free him, he’ll make her wealthy. But they soon discover that the creature attack didn’t happen by chance, and forces will pursue them across nations to ensure their deaths. Along the way, both learn that they can’t outrun their pasts, but maybe some parts are worth holding on to. Hall (Second Spear) weaves a fascinating tapestry of mythology and divine politics that she underscores with deep, complicated relationships. Nearly every character struggles with trust, unequal power dynamics, and the expectations of class and nation, despite also having an intense desire for connection. The novel’s charming interludes between deadly situations are few but powerful.

VERDICT This compelling mix of horror, found family, and intricate mythology will appeal to those who loved Winter Tide by Ruthanna Emrys and The City We Became by N.K. Jemisin.
May 132024

The 2024 Locus Awards finalists have been announced and we’re excited to see so many DMLA authors on this list!

  • System Collapse, Martha Wells (Tordotcom)
  • Witch King, Martha Wells (Tordotcom)
  • The Reformatory, Tananarive Due (Saga; Titan UK)
  • The Saint of Bright Doors, Vajra Chandrasekera (Tordotcom)
  • The Salt Grows Heavy, Cassandra Khaw (Nightfire; Titan UK)
  • “At Every Door a Ghost”, Premee Mohamed (Communications Breakdown)
  • “Suppertime”, Tananarive Due (New Suns 2)
  • “Those Hitchhiking Kids“, Darcie Little Badger (The Sunday Morning Transport 4/2/23)
  • The Year’s Best African Speculative Fiction (2022), Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki & Eugen Bacon & Milton Davis, eds. (Caezic)
  • The Wishing Pool and Other Stories, Tananarive Due (Akashic)
  • No One Will Come Back For Us, Premee Mohamed (Undertow)
  • Skin Thief, Suzan Palumbo (Neon Hemlock)
  • 101 Horror Books to Read Before You’re Murdered, Sadie Hartmann (Page Street Publishing)
May 102024

Congratulations to DMLA author, Jim Butcher, and his series The Dresden Files for being featured in Forbes as one of the best series of all time!

FORBES: 17. The Dresden Files By Jim Butcher

Spanning an impressive 17 books (and counting) and written over the course of more than two decades, Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files is a spellbinding narrative collection with elements of noir mystery, supernatural intrigue and pulse-pounding action. The New York Times bestselling series has attracted readers because of its layered approach to the art of storytelling. At the heart of the series is Harry Dresden, a wizard and private investigator who operates in the shadows of modern-day Chicago. Butcher’s vivid prose comes alive through Dresden, who gives readers a vicarious insight into life in the windy metropolis, while navigating the gritty streets of the city and facing off vengeful vampires and malevolent creatures.

May 072024

Dr. Renee Caisson never expected that her scientific expertise would lead to a role playing interpreter between humans and the demonic-looking Neighbors. When the door between their worlds opened, she was drafted by the government to study the otherworldly beings and was able to prove her theory: the Neighbors had been to Earth before—and now they simply wanted to save their dying planet.

At least, that’s the story, and everyone—both human and Neighbor—is sticking to it. The Neighbor in charge of the new portal’s operation, Noel, isn’t that sure anymore. Having succeeded in finding a new planet to inhabit, the leaders of her world have made the dark truth of their existence clear to her: the Neighbors forcibly tried to make a foothold on Earth in the past—and they can’t afford to fail again.

But the Neighbors’ ability to magically teleport from place to place has convinced Major Jackson that the only way to keep control of the situation is to embrace it and tell the world of the Neighbors’ existence.

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees.

Apr 302024

Czech rights to LJ Andrews’s THE EVER KING, to Albatros Media, by Milena Kaplarevic at Prava I Prevodi, on behalf of Katie Shea Boutillier.

French rights to Nebula Award winner Premee Mohamed’s NO ONE WILL COME BACK FOR US and WE SPEAK THROUGH THE MOUNTAIN, to L’Atalante, by Sarah Dray at Anna Jarota Agency in association with Michael Curry.

Hebrew rights to New York Times bestselling author Anne Bishop’s VISION IN SILVER, MARKED IN FLESH, and ETCHED IN BONE, books 3-5 in the Others series, to Alma Books, by Beverley Levit at The Israeli Association Of Book Publishers Ltd in association with Michael Curry for Jennifer Jackson.

Italian rights to Annika Martin’s THE GRUMPY BILLIONAIRE to Triskell, by Stefania Fietta at Donzelli Fietta, on behalf of Katie Shea Boutillier for Cameron McClure.

Polish rights to Robert Jackson Bennett’s THE FOUNDERS TRILOGY, by Milena Kaplarevic at Prava I Prevodi, in a three-book deal, on behalf of Katie Shea Boutillier for Cameron McClure.

Polish rights to Hugo Award finalist Vajra Chandrasekera’s THE SAINT OF BRIGHT DOORS and RAKESFALL, to Czarna Owca, by Milena Kaplarević at Prava i prevodi in association with Michael Curry.

Ukrainian rights to Nebula Award winner Premee Mohamed’s THE BUTCHER OF THE FOREST and BENEATH THE RISING, to Zhorzh, by Milena Kaplarević at Prava i prevodi in association with Michael Curry.

Apr 182024

Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine: Like many another, I discovered Martha Wells via her Murderbot series. Her new novel, Witch King, is fantasy rather than science fiction, but it is equally engrossing.

As in the Murderbot series, this novel has an ensemble cast, and many, many delightful characters. Tahren’s younger brother Dahin is one of them—I was always happy to see him come on stage—as is the feral child adopted by Kai and Ziede as they search for Tahren. Further, the worldbuilding is intricate but not overwhelming. Fantasy novels often present us with a monoculture; Wells gives us a complicated, many-cultured world, with complicated characters who have complicated motives. This is masterly work. Though I love the Murderbot books and eagerly await each new installment, I’d love a sequel to this one, too.