Mar 142019

Author photo of Carissa Ann Lynch.Author of MY SISTER IS MISSING and forthcoming WITHOUT A TRACE, Carissa Ann Lynch‘s LIKE FOLLOW KILL, in which a widowed and traumatically injured woman becomes online-obsessed with a former classmate and follows her across country to save her from a supposed stalker, who uncannily looks like her ex, to Charlotte Ledger at Killer Reads, in a two-book deal, for publication in Fall 2019, by Katie Shea Boutillier.

Mar 122019

*A Barnes & Noble Teen Blog’s Most Anticipated LGBTQAP YA Book of 2019*

Jenna Watson is a cheerleader. And she wants you to know it’s not some Hollywood crap: they are not every guy’s fantasy. They are not the “mean girls” of Marsen High School. They’re literally just human females trying to live their lives and do a perfect toe touch. And their team is at the top of their game. They’re a family.

But all that changes when Jenna’s best friend stops talking to her. Suddenly, she’s not getting invited out with the rest of the quad. She’s always a step behind. And she has no idea why.

While grappling with post-cheer life, Jenna explores things she never allowed herself to like, including LARPing (live action role playing) and a relationship with a trans guy that feels a lot like love.

When Jenna loses the sport and the friends she’s always loved, she has to ask herself: What else is left?

Mar 062019

Publishers Weekly: Jane Harris, the unreliable narrator of this exceptional psychological thriller from Rouda (Best Day Ever), has sequestered herself in her gorgeous oceanfront home in a gated community in Orange County, Calif., overcome with grief following the death of her college-age daughter, Mary, in an accident a year earlier. Appearances are important to Jane—perfect house, perfect family, perfect image of mourning. Now that she has decided to move on, Jane finds her husband, David, distant, working long hours and avoiding her while younger daughter Betsy is wrapped up in her high school graduation, which is just four days away. Against Jane’s wishes, David schedules a celebration of Mary’s life before Betsy graduates. Rouda gradually shifts reader sympathy for Jane with her “complicated grief” to disgust at her toxic need for control. Selfish and judgmental, Jane has more than just boundary issues as she monitors her family’s every move and email with the spyware she clandestinely installs. The stakes rise when Jane receives a note suggesting that Mary’s death was no accident. Suspense fans will be amply rewarded.

Feb 122019

Cover of The Past and Other Things That Should Stay Buried by Shaun David Hutchinson.Bookseller: A cinematic novel that perfectly blends funny and emotional. Some friendships are larger than life.

Feb 072019

Cover of The Past and Other Things That Should Stay Buried by Shaun David Hutchinson.School Library Journal: A brain aneurysm killed July Cooper, but it can’t destroy her bond with Dino DeLuca. July rises from the dead at the funeral home owned by Dino’s family, and though the two teens had been on the outs for the past year, they are drawn together as they attempt to conceal July’s reanimation. What ensues is messy. July’s body is slowly rotting, and the two trade barbed words while untangling why their friendship ended after Dino met his boyfriend, Rafi. Once again, Hutchinson defies genres. This isn’t a ghost story, and July isn’t a zombie, as she frequently points out. But she can’t eat, she has no heartbeat, and until she’s finally laid to rest, nobody else can die. This inventive take on the life-after-death narrative ponders profound truths. It’s the ones who love us the most who can inflict the deepest wounds and hold us back, but even bitter fights can’t extinguish some connections. Like typical adolescents, uncertain Dino and snarky July seem wise beyond their years one moment and maddeningly immature the next, and their journeys to self-discovery will resonate with readers. VERDICT A grotesque, mordantly funny, and tender look at friendship, for fans of Aaron Starmer’s Spontaneous and Adam Silvera’s They Both Die at the End

Feb 052019

Kirkus: Her arduous journey toward transfiguration—while also dissecting her strained relationships with both parents—makes this a valuable addition to the contemporary realistic fiction genre. The message that being kinder does not mean compromising who you are, but rather unveiling the better and more authentic version of one’s self, is admirable. A refreshing mean-girl transformation story akin to 10 Things I Hate About You.

Jan 312019

French rights to New York Times bestselling author Anne Bishop’s WILD COUNTRY, a novel of the Others, to Bragelonne, by Robin Batet at the Anna Jarota Agency in association with Michael Curry for Jennifer Jackson.

French rights to Hugo and Nebula award-winning author Nnedi Okorafor’s AKATA WITCH, to L’école des Loisirs, by Robin Batet at Anna Jarota Agency on behalf of Katie Shea Boutillier for Donald Maass.

German rights to Robert McCammon’s BOY’S LIFE, to Luzifer, by Kathrin Nehm at Thomas Schlueck Agency on behalf of Katie Shea Boutillier for Cameron McClure.

Catalan rights to Cassandra’s Khaw’s British Fantasy Award-nominated HAMMERS ON BONE, a Persons Non Grata novella, to Mai Més, by Amaiur Fernández at International Editors Co. for Michael Curry

German rights to Micaiah Johnson’s THE SPACE BETWEEN WORLDS, to Droeme, by Kathrin Nehm at Thomas Schlueck Agency on behalf of Katie Shea Boutillier for Cameron McClure.

French rights to C.L. Polk’s WITCHMARK, to MxM Bookmark by Robin Batet at Anna Jarota Agency on behalf of Katie Shea Boutillier for Caitlin McDonald.

Jan 282019

Cover of The Apocalypse of Elena Mendoza by Shaun David Hutchinson.Cover of Dread Nation by Justina Ireland.Congratulations to the DMLA authors who have made the Young Adult Library Services Association’s 2019 Best Fiction for Young Adults list:

  • Elena Mendoza by Shaun David Hutchinson
  • Dread Nation by Justina Ireland