Feb 092018

Congratulations to all the DMLA authors who made the 2017 Locus Recommended Reading list!


Raven Stratagem, Yoon Ha Lee (Solaris US; Solaris UK)
Seven Surrenders, Ada Palmer (Tor; Head of Zeus)


The Stone in the Skull, Elizabeth Bear (Tor)
City of Miracles, Robert Jackson Bennett (Broadway; Jo Fletcher)
Creatures of Will and Temper, Molly Tanzer (John Joseph Adams)


Food of the Gods, Cassandra Khaw (Abaddon US; Abaddon UK)


Akata Warrior, Nnedi Okorafor (Viking)


The Prey of Gods, Nicky Drayden (Harper Voyager US)
Winter Tide, Ruthanna Emrys (Tor.com Publishing)


A Song for Quiet, Cassandra Khaw (Tor.com Publishing)
Binti: Home, Nnedi Okorafor (Tor.com Publishing)
All Systems Red, Martha Wells, (Tor.com Publishing)


The Worshipful Society of Glovers“, Mary Robinette Kowal (Uncanny 7-8/17)
The Chameleon’s Gloves“, Yoon Ha Lee (Cosmic Powers)
Extracurricular Activities“, Yoon Ha Lee (Tor.com 2/15/17)
Sweetlings“, Lucy Taylor (Tor.com 5/3/17)


An Unexpected Boon“, S.B. Divya (Apex 11/17)
These Deathless Bones“, Cassandra Khaw (Tor.com 7/26/17)
The Whalebone Parrot“, Darcie Little Badger (The Dark 10/17)
Nine-Tenths of the Law“, Molly Tanzer (Lightspeed 1/17)

Jan 232018

Cover of The Only Harmless Great Thing by Brooke Bolander.The Only Harmless Great Thing is a heart-wrenching alternative history by Brooke Bolander that imagines an intersection between the Radium Girls and noble, sentient elephants.

In the early years of the 20th century, a group of female factory workers in Newark, New Jersey slowly died of radiation poisoning. Around the same time, an Indian elephant was deliberately put to death by electricity in Coney Island.

These are the facts.

Now these two tragedies are intertwined in a dark alternate history of rage, radioactivity, and injustice crying out to be righted. Prepare yourself for a wrenching journey that crosses eras, chronicling histories of cruelty both grand and petty in search of meaning and justice.

Aug 292017

Cover of A Song for Quiet by Cassandra KhawCassandra Khaw returns with A Song for Quiet, a new standalone Persons Non Grata novella from the world of Hammers on Bone.

Deacon James is a rambling bluesman straight from Georgia, a black man with troubles that he can’t escape, and music that won’t let him go. On a train to Arkham, he meets trouble — visions of nightmares, gaping mouths and grasping tendrils, and a madman who calls himself John Persons. According to the stranger, Deacon is carrying a seed in his head, a thing that will destroy the world if he lets it hatch.

The mad ravings chase Deacon to his next gig. His saxophone doesn’t call up his audience from their seats, it calls up monstrosities from across dimensions. As Deacon flees, chased by horrors and cultists, he stumbles upon a runaway girl, who is trying to escape the destiny awaiting her. Like Deacon, she carries something deep inside her, something twisted and dangerous. Together, they seek to leave Arkham, only to find the Thousand Young lurking in the woods.

The song in Deacon’s head is growing stronger, and soon he won’t be able to ignore it any more.

Aug 022017

Photo of author Cassandra KhawCassandra Khaw, author of FOOD OF THE GODS, will write a new novel in the Gods & Monsters universe that will bring together all four characters from previous installments in one gloriously original story, sold to David Moore at Abaddon Books by Michael Curry.

Jun 302017

German rights to Shaun David Hutchinson’s THE FIVE STAGES OF ANDREW BRAWLEY, to Arena, by Anna Diekmann at Thomas Schlück Agency in association with Katie Shea Boutillier and Michael Curry.

French pocket paperback rights to Ekaterina Sedia’s THE ALCHEMY OF STONE, to PocketSF (Univers Poche) via Le Belial, by David Camus at Anna Jarota Agency in association with Jennifer Jackson and Michael Curry.

French pocket paperback rights to Ada Palmer’s TOO LIKE THE LIGHTNING and SEVEN SURRENDERS, to J’ai Lu via Le Belial, by David Camus at Anna Jarota Agency in association with Katie Shea Boutillier and Michael Curry.

Spanish rights to the Nebula and Hugo Award winner for Best Novella, Nnedi Okorafor’s BINTI, to Crononauta, in a two-book deal, by Maru de Montserrat at International Editors’ in association with Katie Shea Boutillier and Michael Curry.

Jun 282017

Publishers Weekly: [Khaw] blends 1959 cultural cadences with the visceral language of Lovecraftian horror and disturbingly lyrical descriptions of music that won’t let go until it destroys the player…Khaw continues to demonstrate her mastery of seductive short-form horror, juxtaposing the disgusting and relentlessly terrifying with moments of exquisite beauty in ways that make it impossible to look away.


May 312017

Spanish rights to Nalo Hopkinson’s Locus Award-winning BROWN GIRL IN THE RING, to Apache Libros, by Maru de Montserrat at International Editors in association with Katie Shea Boutillier and Michael Curry.

French rights to USA Today bestselling author Kaira Rouda’s forthcoming BEST DAY EVER, to Charleston Noir, a new imprint of Leduc, at auction, by Victoria Villemur at Anna Jarota Agency in association with Katie Shea Boutillier.

German renewal rights to New York Times bestselling author Jim Butcher’s CURSOR’S FURY and CAPTAIN’S FURY, the 3rd and 4th books in the Codex Alera series, to Blanvalet, by Bastian Schlück at the Thomas Schlück Agency in association with Jennifer Jackson.

German rights to NYT bestselling author Annika Martin’s “The Ski Mask,” to Lyx, by Julia Aumüller at Thomas Schlück Agency in association with Katie Shea Boutillier and Michael Curry.

May 172017

Congratulations to the DMLA authors whose work was named a finalist for a 2017 Locus Award!

City of Blades, Robert Jackson Bennett (Broadway)

The Family Plot, Cherie Priest (Tor)

Ninefox Gambit, Yoon Ha Lee (Solaris US; Solaris UK)

Hammers on Bone, Cassandra Khaw (Tor.com Publishing)

“Foxfire, Foxfire,” Yoon Ha Lee (Beneath Ceaseless Skies 3/03/16)

“Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies,” Brooke Bolander (Uncanny 11-12/16)
“Afrofuturist 419,” Nnedi Okorafor (Clarkesworld 11/16)