Jun 252020

Publishers Weekly: Indigenous stories, modern-day technology, and the supernatural successfully blend to build a fast-paced murder mystery in Little Badger’s intriguing solo debut. After 17-year-old, asexual Ellie’s older cousin Trevor is fatally injured in an apparent car accident, he comes to her in a dream, identifying his killer and begging her to protect his family. Lipan Apache Ellie, named for her “heroic ancestor”—her maternal sixth-great-grandmother, Elatsoe, now known as “Six-Great”—has inherited from her the gift of waking and training ghosts, and sets out to reveal the accident as a crime and unmask the killer. Accompanied by her faithful sidekick, the ghost of her dead dog Kirby, her loyal friend, “white Celtic-and-Nordic-American” cheerleader Jay, and actively supported by her understanding parents, Ellie battles with ghosts, vampires, and exorcists in a series of suspenseful confrontations—including a descent into an underworld of trilobite fossils—that increase in intensity and eventually solidify her place in her strong maternal lineage of Native protectors. Cai’s grayscale spot illustrations imbue the book with shadowy breath and movement, bringing a lyrical undertone to the energetic plot and multifaceted, refreshing voice.

May 202020

Kirkus: Aside from the fact that she owns a ghost dog named Kirby, Ellie is like any other comic book–loving, ice cream–eating Lipan Apache teenager. Her non-Native friends include her childhood buddy Jay, who is white, and her cousin Trevor’s Latinx wife, Lenore. Yet Ellie does have traits that set her apart: She has inherited the talents of Six-Great-Grandmother, her powerful Lipan Apache forebear, and plans to skip college to work as a paranormal investigator. When Trevor dies in what appears to be a car accident, his ghost appears to her briefly, begging that she protect his wife and child. Ellie must call upon her strong lineage to rid her ancestral land of an ancient curse. Even as she discovers some of her own tribal relatives have been complicit in historic wrongdoing, she must save her family, animals, and community from destructive forces and restore balance to the world. A fast-paced whodunit set in a contemporary world like our own, this is a creative fusion of Indigenous cultural influences and supernatural fantasy. A brilliant, engaging debut written by a talented author, it seamlessly blends cyberstalking with Vampire Citizen Centers and Lipan Apache stories. This groundbreaking introduction to the fantasy genre remains relevant to Native histories even as it imaginatively looks to the future.

May 132020

Author of BENEATH THE RISING Premee Mohamed’s THE ANNUAL MIGRATION OF CLOUDS, a novella set in post-climate disaster Alberta, where a teen infected with a mysterious parasite must choose whether to pursue a rare opportunity far from home or stay and help rebuild her community, to Jennifer Albert at ECW Press, for publication in spring 2021, by Michael Curry.

Apr 172020

Photo of author Cassandra KhawAuthor of FOOD OF THE GODS Cassandra Khaw’s FINE PRINT, a horror novella set in Vampire: The Masquerade’s World of Darkness in which an arrogant tech bro learns the importance of reading the fine print in the contract for immortality, to David Pomerico at HarperVoyager for HarperAudio, by Michael Curry.

Apr 082020

Author of I AM PROVIDENCE, SABBATH, and MOVE UNDER GROUND Nick Mamatas’s THE SECOND SHOOTER, in which a reporter commissioned by a small conspiracy-minded publisher to research the second shooter phenomenon draws dangerous attention to himself, to David Thomas Moore at Solaris, by Michael Curry.

Mar 272020

Photo of author Cassandra KhawAuthor of FOOD OF THE GODS Cassandra Khaw’s NOTHING BUT BLACKENED TEETH, a horror novella about a destination wedding weekend in Japan that quickly turns nightmarish for five friends when a ghost bride joins the festivities, to Kristin Temple at Nightfire (Tom Doherty Associates), with Ellen Datlow editing, by Michael Curry.

Mar 032020

All the Birds in the Sky meets Lovecraft Country in this whimsical coming-of-age story about two kids in the middle of a war of eldritch horrors from outside spacetime…

Nick Prasad and Joanna “Johnny” Chambers have been friends since childhood. She’s rich, white, and a genius; he’s poor, brown, and secretly in love with her.

But when Johnny invents a clean reactor that could eliminate fossil fuels and change the world, she awakens the primal, evil Ancient ones set on subjugating humanity.

From the oldest library in the world to the ruins of Nineveh, hunted at every turn, they need to trust each other completely to survive…

Feb 102020

Congratulations to our DMLA authors for their appearances on the 2019 Locus Recommended Reading List!


Ancestral Night, Elizabeth Bear (Saga; Gollancz)
Escaping Exodus, Nicky Drayden (Harper Voyager US)


The Red-Stained Wings, Elizabeth Bear (Tor)


Dragon Pearl, Yoon Ha Lee (Disney Hyperion)


Gideon the Ninth, Tamsyn Muir (Tor.com Publishing)
The Luminous Dead, Caitlin Starling (Harper Voyager)


Hexarchate Stories, Yoon Ha Lee (Solaris US & UK)


Broken Places & Outer Spaces: Finding Creativity in the Unexpected, Nnedi Okorafor (Simon & Schuster/TED)


LaGuardia, Nnedi Okorafor (Berger) Donato Giancola


“A Time to Reap“, Elizabeth Bear (Uncanny 12/19)
Vigilance, Robert Jackson Bennett (Tor.com Publishing)
Alice Payne Rides, Kate Heartfield (Tor.com Publishing)
“Glass Cannon”, Yoon Ha Lee (Hexarchate Stories)


“Erase, Erase, Erase”, Elizabeth Bear (F&SF 9-10/19)
“Binti: Sacred Fire”, Nnedi Okorafor (Binti: The Complete Trilogy)


“Lest We Forget“, Elizabeth Bear (Uncanny 5-6/19)
“A Bird, a Song, a Revolution“, Brooke Bolander (Lightspeed 9/19)
“Repatriation“, Nalo Hopkinson (Current Futures)
“Mighty Are the Meek and the Myriad”, Cassandra Khaw (F&SF 7-8/19)

Oct 312019

a pair of black ear budsAudio rights to Kathryn Craft’s THE ART OF FALLING, to Kim Budnick at Tantor Media, by Katie Shea Boutillier.

Audio rights to a new novella in Martha Wells’ Hugo and Nebula Award-winning The Murderbot Diaries series, to Brian Sweany at Recorded Books, by Michael Curry for Jennifer Jackson.

Audio rights to Premee Mohamed’s novella THE APPLE-TREE THRONE, to Stefan Rudnicki at Skyboat Media, by Michael Curry.

Oct 182019

Bram Stoker Award-winner Nick Mamatas’s WONDER AND GLORY FOREVER: AWE-INSPIRING LOVECRAFTIAN FICTION, an anthology of Lovecraftian fiction focused on themes of awe and wonder, to Peter Lenz at Dover Publications by Michael Curry.