Mar 282019

Cover of Dragon Pear by Yoon Ha Lee.Locus: In the latest title from the Rick Riordan Presents imprint, Korean-American author Yoon Ha Lee transports traditional Korean animal folklore to space in an interplanetary adventure with all the thrills, spills, and surprises that younger teens could want.

It’s an obvious page-turner, and Yoon Ha Lee has nailed what the younger action crowd craves.

There are some very funny moments in Dragon Pearl and plenty of angsty ones as well. There is no romance at all which fits well with the needs of the likely younger audience (and would have spoiled all the action bits, so is not missed).

For good clean outer space fun with the nice addition of Korean folklore and plenty of engaging characters, (both good and evil), Dragon Pearl gets the job done. Also, a shout out to Vivienne To for the stunning cover art – it’s impossible not to love that shot of Min in all her glory, getting ready to take on the universe to find out the truth.