Oct 202015

Cover of Koko the Mighty by Kieran Shea. Pale woman with short blue hair stands set to punch the viewer.Booklist: After barely surviving the events in Koko Takes a Holiday (2014), Koko Martstellar, the world’s most badass mercenary, and her boyfriend, Jedidiah Flynn, are back home trying to live peacefully as the proprietors of the most decadent and violent resort on twenty-sixth-century Earth. Koko wants to leave the killing behind, but there is still a determined bounty hunter out to capture her. So begins Koko’s next cyberpunk adventure, one that is even more dangerous and with bigger stakes than those in her previous outing. Told in an urgent present-tense voice, with alternating viewpoints, this novel is fast paced, action packed, violent, and just plain fun. And since this is a sequel, readers are treated to even more world building and character development, both of which are just as interesting and satisfying as the action-driven plot. Although Koko’s tale is told in words only, it has a graphic-novel storytelling sensibility that will appeal to fans of series like Hellboy or Saga. As the ending implies, we can expect more from Koko in the future, so make sure this crowd-pleasing, well-executed series is on library shelves now.