Jan 142015

Cover for The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley. Photo of a white boy with messy brown hair, hazel eyes, and freckles, wearing a gray hoodie on a gray background. A word bubble encases the words "a novel", hinting at the graphic novel elements within.School Library Journal: The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley gutted me. The author puts all of Drew’s pain on the page and never lets you look away. … Though Drew is suffering on every page of this story, he is also fumbling his way through the darkness to whatever is on the other side of it. All of the characters are. It’s hard to see that or remember that in the middle of so much pain, but hospitals aren’t just a place for ailing—they’re also a place for healing. … The unique setting, multifaceted plot, strong characters, and raw emotion make this story impossible to put down, even when you really want to. I’ll be thinking about Rusty and Drew for a long time to come.

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