Jun 112015

Cover for The Guild of Saint Cooper by Shya Scanlon. A gray distressed photo of the Space Needle, upside down.The Guild of Saint Cooper is a wistful, elegiac and far-reaching cosmic dystopian novel set in Seattle and its suburbs.

Shya Scanlon is a major talent, rightfully compared to other reality-bending masters like Philip K. Dick and Haruki Murakami. His narrative moves toward an ending that is either apocalyptic or some grand and alien resurrection, leading readers on a wild ride as gorgeous and layered as Russian nesting boxes, provoking as many questions as answers in the end. “A road like a Möbius strip that led to the underside of itself, until you traveled it again to arrive where you’d begun.”

Discover: An ambitious dystopian novel that bends time and identity as a city rewrites its own history.