Mar 282024

Mystery and Suspense Magazine: Kim Harrison is best known as one of the mainstays of the modern urban fantasy scene. Three Kinds of Lucky is only going to cement that reputation further, as she gets this new series started with a bang!

There’s no shortage of books in the urban fantasy genre, and it’s such a delight to come across really original worlds, especially when they’re accompanied by a nice twisty plot and characters you really want to spend time with. There’s no shortage of surprises, which kept me glued to the page and reading much too late into the night as I waited to find out what would happen next.

Though it’s the first in the series, Three Kinds of Lucky wraps up nicely – while still leaving plenty of ground to cover with the next few books in the series. I appreciate a book that works as a read on its own, while getting me ready to see where the author takes the world next – and I’ll be there when Kim Harrison is ready to show us what that might entail.