Kiana Nguyen


Kiana Nguyen joined Donald Maass Literary Agency in 2016, where she assisted several agents, and is now building her own client list. She is seeking YA fiction across genres, particularly those with POC and queer voices. She is also interested in Adult romance and domestic suspense thrillers.


Looking for:
– Dark, twisty narratives that explore human complexity
– YA Contemporary featuring lower socioeconomic backgrounds; poor kids who get in as much reckless mischief as their rich counterparts!
– YA featuring happy/hopeful queer romances
– Domestic suspense Thrillers!!!

Do not send:
– Non-fiction
– Crime or military fiction
– Picture books, chapter books, or MG
– Poetry, screenplays, or short stories
– Religious fiction

To query, please visit and fill out the online form, including a query letter and the first ten pages of your novel.

Response times:
Query letters — up to 6 weeks from receipt.
Partial manuscripts — up to 8 weeks.
Full manuscripts — two months or more.


For all other inquiries, email her at