Aug 262014

Cover for A Promise by Daylight by Alison DeLaine. Interior of a coach. A handsome white man with dark hair, wearing a black coat and fancy white shirt denoting the time period as Victorian, leans as though to kiss the shoulder of the pretty brunette with her back to him, as he starts to undo her fancy blue dress.In the aftermath of a near-fatal accident, the virile and charming Duke of Winston vowed to reform his ways. But for an infamous rogue, it’s easier said than done. Hiring a personal medic, he sets about recovering from his injuries—and avoiding temptation at all costs. Little does Winston know, the one temptation he can’t resist might be hiding before his very eyes. 

Without a friend or farthing in the world, posing as a man is Miss Millicent Germain’s only chance to achieve her dream of becoming a physician. But working for the decadent duke is trickier than no-nonsense Millie anticipated—and his touch threatens to awaken her deepest desires. By daylight, the two are at odds…but by night, their attraction may prove undeniable.