Jan 142014

stringer-lostcityEven though he’s worked his way to the top of the West Midlands criminal heap as right-hand man to crime boss Veronica Gaines, ex-cop Eoin Miller still has to deal with the dregs of the underworld to earn his pay. That’s why he’s dispatched to a low-end hotel to work damage control after a hooker kills a local lowlife. But when one of his comrades is mysteriously murdered at the scene, and a suspicious fire claims two more victims, a simple clean-up job turns absolutely filthy.

Hustling to hide bodies and seek answers, Eoin calls on friends and foes alike, including his estranged wife: a shady cop who’s a little of both. But the scheme he uncovers gives him a bad feeling in his gut that even his diet of pills and sex can’t soothe. Add an ice-cold hit man, a feeble but still ferocious gang lord, vengeful cops, pornography, prostitution, Gypsy patriarchs, and personal demons, and you’ve got a combustible cocktail of treachery that could blow Eoin Miller’s life sky-high.

In the third book of the gritty Eoin Miller trilogy, nobody walks away unscarred.