Apr 032014

Cover for Revenge of a Not-So-Pretty Girl by Carolita Blythe. A black teen girl looks off to the left, pulling the collar of her denim jacket up to hide everything but her eyes.Congratulations to Carolita Blythe on Revenge of a Not-So-Pretty Girl being selected as a Bank Street Best Book of 2014!

Girls who are pretty have a way of looking down their perfect noses at anyone they feel isn’t worthy of sharing the air with them. They have a way of making regular girls like me feel inferior for not winning the gene pool lottery. Tormenting them is my way of getting even.

Everyone knows that pretty equals mean, and Evelyn Ryder used to be a beautiful movie star—never mind that it was practically a lifetime ago. There’s no time limit on mean. So if you think I feel guilty about mugging her, think again.

But for something that should have been so simple, it sure went horribly wrong.