Jun 032014

cover for Sea of Time by P.C. Hodgell. In the foreground, a white unicorn rounds furiously next to a white girl in a red tunic holding a large broadsword. They are turning to face an armored skeleton in a black cloak and wielding a large ax, while riding a skeletal black horse. Kothifir:  a land where time shifts and the past can circle around to the present and vice versa at any moment.  Here Jame, Kencyrath heir doomed to stalk the gods, joins the Southern Host to find that the past is infringing on the present and eating away at the foundations of the city state itself.  Jame must quest to the Wastes nearby in search of a mystery which is infinitely valuable to Kothifir–as well as being a window into the Kencyrath’s tortured history. It is a mystery that may save the land, but may spell doom for Jame’s brother, heir to the Kencyrath legacy.  Into the past Jame must go in search of a younger version of her brother.  But how can she save him as he was then and still keep the future intact?  And as the Kothfir gods fail and its towers are falling, Jame realizes that somewhere in the Waste lies not merely the promise of saving the land, but the threat of complete destruction.  For somewhere in the Waste, the Master lurks. And it is up to Jame to stop him.