Mar 262014

Graduation Day by Joelle CharbonneauPublishers Weekly: Charbonneau concludes her dystopian Testing trilogy with this action-packed finale, which sees Cia Vale secretly tasked by the President of the United Commonwealth to remove the officials behind the lethal Testing process that has claimed so many young lives. Caught in an impossible situation, under constant surveillance, Cia must find allies among her classmates, never sure who she can trust. If she fails, the Testing will continue to destroy teenagers in the name of creating future leaders, while the rebellion against the government will likewise fail, betrayed by its leader. Cia must navigate a complex moral gray area, questioning authority and her own motives, forced to utilize her wits at every turn. Charbonneau’s portrayal of a ravaged future America attempting to rebuild itself is gripping, filled with surprises and complicated questions of right versus wrong. As in the previous books, Charbonneau remains focused on philosophical worries and moral tests over spectacle and bloodshed, with multiple layers and twists to keep readers forever guessing. Enough potential threads are left dangling to leave room for future stories.