Feb 022014

charbonneau-independentstudySchool Library Journal: Fans of The Testing will be thrilled with this new installment and will be anxiously waiting for the story’s conclusion. In this sequel, Cia is drawn deeper into the political machinations of Tosu City as she enters the University. She is accepted into the Government course of study, much to her disappointment. Now, joined by students from the City who did not have to endure the Testing, she must go through a hazing process that forces her to once again rely on her wits to survive. Cia must win an internship to continue on at the University; the alternative will be her death. Her love for Tomas takes a backseat in the narrative to make way for descriptions of how the factions are fighting for control of the capital and the Testing. The action is fast paced and the story line compelling. Fans won’t have time to wonder why those who run the Testing place such a low value on the lives of their teen charges or why parents have asked so few questions about where their children end up. Readers will root for the likable and capable heroine. While the adults’ motives are suspect and often inexplicable, Cia struggles to make good decisions, both ethically and intellectually.