Jan 302015

cover for The Farther I Fall by Lisa Nicholas. Top half is a white brunet man and a blond white woman laid out and kissing, scantily clad. Bottom half is a silhouette of an audience at a rock concert.USA Today HEA: Debut author Lisa Nicholas deftly integrates a suspense subplot involving a lunatic stalker obsessed with Lucas. The danger escalates over the course of the storyline, and Gwen’s military training comes in very handy. Lucas’ brother Lee is a standout. His background is somewhat of a mystery, and he exudes power, definitely an alpha male. Nicholas confirms that his story is coming later in the summer, called As Lost as I Get, and I’m looking forward to the read.

The Farther I Fall is fast-paced and not short on action and intrigue. Well worth a try if you enjoy a different erotic romantic suspense with a kick-butt military heroine and a rock-star hero who likes to be bossed around … sometimes.

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