Apr 072022

The standalone follow up to Shadows of the Short Days is a gritty, dark fantasy novel for fans of China Mieville and Neil Gaiman, that will thrill readers as they explore Hrimland’s dark, horrifying depths.


War on the mainland is draining Reykjavík. For some, the remote islands off Hrímland’s coast are their only hope of survival.

Elka, a recovering addict, has fled there with her son Sölvi. In their village they find a new life – all thanks to the Deep, a peculiar power their neighbours praise for the booming fishing industry. Everything seems perfect, but Sölvi does not trust the people who take his mother in.

Kari is a professor of sorcery, recruited for a career-making venture – an excavation of an ancient power. He must go deep into the magical wasteland, find what is buried there, and turn the tide of the war forever.

But the world might not be ready for the storm he will unearth . . . and how far will a grieving woman go to find some peace, and what will she sacrifice?