Dec 112017

Cover of Windhome by Kristin Landon.Earth has sent out exploratory expeditions in a desperate attempt to discover the nature of an alien force that has wiped out the intelligent inhabitants of at least one extrasolar world and now threatens Earth itself. As it nears its destination, one of these ships is raided by aliens while its crew is helpless in cold sleep. Light years from Earth and with no hope of rescue, the few survivors are marooned among the inhabitants of the icy world of Windhome, which was attacked from space only centuries before. The survivors’ descendants still live in fear, and many see the humans as a threat. The humans must struggle to stay alive, to understand this harsh world and its few, grim people—and, somehow, to fulfill their mission and send a warning to Earth.

Thrown into an unwilling alliance with a Windhome outsider faction, exiled into wilderness, two of the human crew must live by this world’s bitter laws, accept the ways of its people, and, in the end, make a terrifying choice.

Windhome is character-driven SF adventure in the grand tradition, set against the backdrop of an unforgettable world.