Apr 292024

Congratulations to DMLA author, Aggie Blum Thompson, for SUCH A LOVELY FAMILY being part of the lineup in the April 2024 Best New Books review by the NY Post!

“Perfect for fans of “Gossip Girl,” “Such a Lovely Family” by Aggie Blum Thompson is a grand foray into the lives of the rich and glamorous. As the cherry blossoms are in full bloom at the crest of Washington, D.C., the Calhouns are amid hosting their annual party to celebrate the best of the spring season.

While a hot-button party is what is expected with their beloved three children, nothing goes as planned. The kicker? A brutal murder in the middle of the celebration transforms the yearly gathering into a homicide scene, and all the guests into suspects. It was *riveting* and one of the fastest books you’ll flip through.”