Dec 042015

Cover for Chapelwood by Cherie Priest. An older Lizzie Borden stands looking out a darkened window in a dark purple gown, holding a bloody ax.Locus: Most of the reviews of Cherie Priest’s new-ish Maplecroft and its just-released quasi-sequel Chapelwood focus on what her world borrows from H.P. Lovecraft. Those reviews are totally right. There are a lot of tentacles and creeping dread in these two titles. They are loving tributes to Cthulhu and all that dread lord has wrought.

But that’s only the surface, which becomes especially clear in the newer of the two books. […] Add to that smart subtext a young, female protagonist who is more than capable of rescuing herself, thank you very much, plus an ending that doesn’t fit the expected beats of a climactic ending but is incredibly satisfying ­ and Chapelwood becomes much more than a Lovecraft knock-off. It is wholly and wonderfully itself.