Feb 262018

Cover of Lake Silence by Anne Bishop.Booklist: Bishop’s newest installment in the bestselling Others series (after Etched in Bone, 2017) is nothing short of nail-biting fun…One human bridging the gap with the Others is Vicki DeVine, a strong but battered woman who received a rustic resort near Lake Silence in a recent divorce settlement from her abusive ex-husband. Vicki restores the resort, and her business provides a safe haven for the Others and humans to learn about one another on neutral ground. But when Vicki’s ex and his cronies set a dangerous plot in motion to take back the resort, the humans quickly realize that the Others are in control—and will go to any lengths to remove the human threat.

What follows is a fast-paced story unfolding against a fantasy backdrop that readers looking for a little bit of mystery to unravel will enjoy.