Apr 152014

Cover for Steles of the Sky by Elizabeth Bear. Two people on brown horses and a small white pony ride through a beautiful maelstrom of purple, white, and gold.Romantic Times: [4 of 5 stars] The conclusion of the Eternal Sky series, Steles of the Sky has a lot to offer. The most incredible aspects of these stories are the well-created characters, who inhabit a rich, imaginative world. Bear shows admirable skill in balancing the fantastical aspects with the believability of her characters, adding a healthy does of gritty realism of human beings locked in battle, be it emotional, physical or the clash of kings.

Edene, Temur and Samarkar are planning their war against al-Sepehr — and he will not make winning it easy. Edene, bound to the djinn and the Ghulam by the green ring on her finger, must find a way to be their supernatural leader without losing her own humanity; Samarkar must make peace with the love she feels toward Temur and also her own incredibly strong powers of sorcery, and Temur must balance his choices against what is best for him to regain his rightful seat as Khagan of his grandfather’s lands.