Oct 222015

Cover for Stinger by Robert McCammon. An enormous mutated scorpion creature crashes through a rocky mountain to get at a small car.Kirkus: I missed Stinger when in first came out in the late 1980s, but the new reprint from Subterranean Press is the perfect chance to correct that oversight. The story takes place over a 24-hour period in Inferno, Texas—a town that’s already primed for trouble because of racial tension, a poor economy, and gang violence. Things ignite when two unidentified flying objects land nearby, thus beginning a battle in an interstellar war that spells trouble for the small Texas town. The unidentified objects are actually visitors from another world. One of them is an alien bounty hunter known as Stinger, and the complete destruction of an alien town is a small price to pay to capture his deadly prey. Stinger may be science fictional, but, much like the film The Blob, it taps into 1950s pulp-style B-movie horror tropes. It also contains a large cast of fully realized characters and a plot that never slows down.