Jan 232015

Cover for Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop. A white woman with black hair streaked with red looks at the reader, wearing a jean jacket and with bright yellow light shining behind her.RT Book Reviews: 4 1/2 stars, Top Pick! Get ready to do the happy dance! It’s time to revisit Namid, Bishop’s extraordinarily gripping world with its unforgettable, haunting characters. Award-winning Bishop is fashioning a richly textured series whose reimagined Earth is so unique, it is a character itself. However, it is the distinctive protagonists who make these novels so totally addicting and completely satisfying. The hard part is waiting for the next installment!

Summary: Change is coming to the continent of Thaisia, but whether those changes are for good or ill remains to be seen. Now that the blood prophets have been freed from their imprisonment and virtual slavery, will these troubled girls be able to survive on their own? Blood prophet and Lakeside resident Meg Corbyn has a vision that suggests not…and that she may just need to blaze a trail to lead them forward. Then trouble arrives in the form of a small human girl when Nathan Wolfgard finds Lt. Montgomery’s daughter, Lizzy, alone on a train heading for Lakeside. And when Nathan smells blood on Lizzy’s stuffed “boo bear,” it seems like something terrible might have happened to Elayne, Lizzy’s mother and Montgomery’s ex-lover. Machinations orchestrated from across the ocean are fomenting dangerous events, which could upend the current detente between humans and the Others.