May 232016

Cover for Dragon Exile by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller.Publishers Weekly: The 19th installment of the long-running Liaden Universe space adventure series (following 2015’s Dragon in Exile) opens with the members of Clan Korval and their allies still trying to solidify their economic position and regain their strength following their exile from their home planet. With the insidious Department of the Interior manipulating their public image and outright attacking their ships, the clan is hard-pressed to maintain and expand its trade routes. Meanwhile, Clan Korval member Padi yos’Galen is starting to manifest a power that could destroy her, and AI experts Tolly Jones and Hazenthull are dispatched to mentor a newborn computer intelligence, with orders to save or destroy it as necessary. The large number of ongoing story lines, ever-growing cast, and series-wide narrative arc make this an awkward book for newcomers, serving more as the mid-point of the current cycle. However, this space opera continues to delight with genteel interactions between mild-spoken characters who are capable of great passions and swift actions, and its immense scope encompasses a well-realized and comfortable universe.