Mar 172023

Library Journal: Rachel Morgan knew that taking the position of demon subrosa—protector of Cincinnati’s supernatural residents—would be another way to get into trouble. When she discovers that a group of werewolves are after the focus that her friend David holds, it is just the beginning of the problems headed her way. From coven grumblings about a witch-born demon still walking, a vampire-turned-mouse causing havoc in her home, and a mysterious mage framing Rachel and her friends for various crimes, it may take more than a few twisted charms to get out of these predicaments. Harrison leads readers further into the logistics of human and paranormal races coexisting together, and Rachel’s emotional arc continues to grow as she lets others in, but she is still a delightfully defensive heroine. An interesting revelation at the end will have long-term readers excited for the next book.

VERDICT The latest in the “Hollows” series, after Trouble with the Cursed, contains all the magical action, emotional tension, and snippy dialogue that fans adore.