Dec 152014

Cover of Finn Fancy Necromancy by Randy Henderson. In the style of an old woodcut, we have a haunted-looking house with a surreal scarecrow and a being with a bird-like face.Library Journal: The family dynamics between Finn and his brothers are well done, and the author (winner of Writers of the Future’s 2014 Golden Pen Award) excellently shows Finn as an emotionally stunted teenager suddenly middle-aged and having to deal with the family and friends he left behind. A promising writer to watch.

During his transfer back to the mortal plane, Finn Gramaraye is attacked, and the swap with the fae changeling is botched, leaving Finn without any helpful memories for the 25 years he was in exile. Only 15 when he was framed and convicted on charges of dark necromancy and sentenced to the Other Realm, Finn returns as a 40-year-old man with no real understanding of the modern world. He wants to patch things up with his family; however the people who set him up are still out to get him – Finn just needs to figure out why.